Thursday, June 12, 2014

Officially a Missionary!

Well, Courtney is now Sister Hurley for the next 18 months! 
She got set a part as a missionary on Tuesday night.  This was such a special night for our family as we all shared why we love Courtney and why we know she will be the best missionary out there!  Christopher (the musician in our family) wrote a song for Courtney and played it on the guitar after she was set a part.  I'll post that later after he gets it recorded. Alisa and I decided we would be her "companions" so we had a sleepover and helped her finish packing. The whole family met up for Courtney's last meal with us at Cafe Rio, took some pics, and off she went. Courtney is so thoughtful, she wrote everyone in the family their own personal letter and handed them to us as she was leaving.  We were all bawling while reading them after she left. One thing she said as we were all saying goodbye is how blessed she felt that she had a family that was so hard to say goodbye to.  We are sure blessed to have her in our lives and we will miss her so much but we know she will be the BEST missionary and we know she is where she needs to be!

 One of Courtney's friends from BYU actually ended up being her MTC host. 
Someone is definitely looking out for her :)
Lucky you! You don't have to listen to me anymore and you can now start to read Courtney's letters! We can't wait to get the first one and see how she is doing!

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