Monday, February 23, 2015


This last week was a huge holiday in Korea called solnar (no idea how to spell that in english... haha) so my companion was able to skype her family! yay for that! because of the big holiday it's supposedly a really hard week for missionary work because there is no one on the streets and we aren't aloud to go to members houses unless invited...but Sister Park and I saw miracles! We were still able to meet with several investigators and find some new ones!
Last tuesday I was able to go on exchange number 2 with Sister Hill! When you put 2 americans that are blonde together and living in Korea...well crazy things happen. We went on the adventure of a lifetime to find less actives which included talking to everyone, meeting realtors, eating yummy food, finding our less actives daughter who isn't a member but let us come in a talk. And ended the night deciding to chop 5 inches off my hair... so that happened. now I don't look like a pioneer! (not that that is a bad thing... I love the pioneers)
On Wednesday sister park and I were able to meet Sister Kwon and we decided to move her baptismal date to March 22 where we all felt more comfortable. We had the best lesson with her to date! completely led by the spirit we talked about Repentance and Baptism.Before this lesson with here I was actually feeling pretty sick but after praying to feel better, during the lesson, I completely forgot I didn't feel good. and then after the lesson I felt sick again. But I knew it was a little tender mercy and an answer to my prayer. It has been so fun to be able to really watch how the gospel can change someones life for the better. she is becoming so much happier as she is aligning her life with God's will. 
Thursday was the big holiday in Korea and we were invited to our branch presidents house in 남해 (namhae)  We feasted and played games and bowed to our branch presidents grandmother ( it's tradition during this holiday for the grandchildren to bow to their grandmother and then they receive money!) we didn't receive money though...haha. But then after we ate our branch president asked us if we wanted to meet a monk, apparently he lives right next to a buddhist temple and he is really good friends with the monk that lives there so the four of us missionaries (the elders were there too) all went to the buddhist temple and talked to the most sweetest monk ever.
That evening we put together a little party for all the members in our ward who didn't have anywhere to go for the holiday. we spent the night watching mormon messages and bearing testimony and eating yummy food.
Today I am on another exchange! I am with sister KooMinJi who is in her 9 transfer!
We have another exchange this friday and Saturday and that will be our last! Next thursday is transfer call night and I am praying everyday that I can stay in this area for another transfer with sister Park because I love it so much! We are seeing so many miracles and our area is progressing so much right now! We have been so blessed.
It was a great week and I hope it was for you all as well!
Love you!
Sster Hurley 헐리 자매
When I was a pioneer!

Kinda Gross! Sooo much hair!

At Buddhist Temple

Making treats for the members!

today we went ice skating and had a zone PDAY! I look like a dork.. but well yeah.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!

Fun Korean Fact: On valentines day in Korea, only girls give chocolate to boys. but there is another day during the year called white day where boys give candy to girls (which I don't really understand cuz I like chocolate more but...well yeah) oh and then there is another day during the year called black day which is for all the single people and they go out and eat black noodles.
Anyway! This week was a really great one! We had zone conference! In order to prepare for zone conference we were asked to read Ether 1-3 and Helaman 5 so that is your reading assignment for the week. kinda a lot but just remember reading your scriptures is more important than well... everything else. It took me a while to figure that out but once I did my life was completely changed for the better. trust me:) Because Sister Park and I are Sister Training leaders over our zone we had the opportunity of bearing testimony at zone conference. I read Ether 2: 22 and 25 talked about how God has sent his son Jesus Christ to be the light in our life as we pass through the great waters life throws at us in our missions or in life in general. He doesn't want us to pass through our trials in darkness. I really know this to be true and there have been several times during my mission where my testimony of this has strengthend.
I have a little sad news about Sister Kwons baptism... We found out this past week that she needs more time. A few problems arose that we need to help her through and It turns out keeping the word of wisdom is really really hard! But she agreed when we go to her house tomorrow we can throw out everything that breaks the word of wisdom! Sounds kinda fun right? But sadly I will be far away in a different area on exchanges in tongyeong so sister Park will have to do it!
Speaking of exchanges, I have absolutely loved being a Sister training leader. having the opportunity to meet so many great sisters and learn from them and how they do missionary work has been so much fun! This last week I went on an exchange with Sister 박주은 (a different sister Park than my companion) We went on an adventure to find less actives. We met a woman who was baptized when she was in her 20s and now she is in her 60s. She was telling us about how she believes in mormonism but she also believes in Shomonism. Shomonists believe that the mountains and trees all have different spirits. But while she was explaining all of this to us her younger sister who is in her 50s runs in the house yelling " Ow my leg! ahh it hurts! ahh my leg hurts!" "oh the missionaries! It is not a coincidence that we met! Lets pray! we need to pray right now for my leg! pray for my leg!" We had never met either of these ladies before and weren't sure if the younger sister was a member or not but we thought "alright yeah we can pray for her leg" but before we started praying the older sister starts praying. not soon after the younger sister stops her and says, "no... the missionaries need to pray! it will work better!"haha. so we prayed...Her leg wasn't immediately healed or anything but she was satisfied. Oh the experiences I am having... you have no idea. haha
Also this last week was valentines day and I was still on an exchange in Masan where I met 5 old men who wanted to learn english. One gave me a choloclate bar but when I asked if it was because it was valentines day.. he said he didn't even know it was. haha But the coolest part of English class was at the end where I had the opportunity to share the spiritual message. I really felt I was given power and what to say. I felt confident in the words I was speaking. and I felt the spirit working through me. I testified of God and the reality of prayer. I know God hears all of our prayers. Even the little ones.
Today has been kinda a rough day hearing about what's going on with grandma but I know God will comfort me through this time. He has time and time again. I'm grateful to have the knowledge of Heavenly Fathers beautiful plan of salvation. I have come to know of it's truthfulness.
Have a great week everyone! I love you all so much!
Sister Hurley

Monday, February 9, 2015


Every monday night after P-day we have family home evening in Jinju with the youth and young adults in our ward. One big responsibilty the missioanries have in Korea is strengthening the youth of the ward. The members of our ward our so easy to love and serve! Koreans are the best:)
The highlight of that day was actually after family home evening when our investigator with the baptismal date Sister Kwon called us to tell us she prayed and read the book of Mormon. The problem is that she prayed that we would be able to eat chicken together the next day when we planned to meet. She said she knows God hears and is answering her prayers. As missionaries of course we did everything we could to get chicken to that appointment with her haha. It wasn't easy because most chicken places don't open until 1 or 2 and our appointment was at 2 and she lives forever away... but after much prayer and the kindness of a less active member in our ward who happens to own a chicken shop... we got chicken to that appointment. Her prayer was answered! Of this experience she said, "God really does love me!" I was able to tell her back with a surety, "yes, he really does"

This brings us to...

Meeting with Sister Kwon always makes for the adventure of a lifetime. There was much crying and laughing and feeling the spirit touch all of our hearts in only a matter of a couple hours. We all shared scriptures and did our best to help her. She is struggling with the word of wisdom and a few other things mentally so she needs a lot of love a support right now. As I sat close to her holding her hand during the lesson I felt a sense of peace knowing that she is one reason I was needed in this area at this time. I felt I was where I needed to be.
Oh and this day I was also able to do some farming! separated red bean for a couple hours. #onlyinsacheon

You know it's a good day when your investigator calls you and tells you she prayed and thanked God for being able to eat chicken together. Then later she called again asking us questions about Christ and the resurrection and judgement. She seems to be studying like crazy and I could be more happy and proud:)

helped a member prepare food for people at her restaurant.

Went to headquarters to meet the mission president for MLCM! Missionary leadership coordination meeting? yes I think that is what it means.

We met a new potential investigator and she became an investiagtor! We first met her at our service project in jinju that we do every friday. serving and cleaning dishes for the elderly! We are doing Family English program with her!

Sister Kwon came to church! yay<3 There are no buses at that time to get her to church but when we explained the situation to our bishop he said, "I will pick her up!!" Blessed with such great members!
The title of the email is grace because this morning I read the talk "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. It is so good! This last week we had an investigator say to me, "Sister Hurley, I just don't understand grace" This talk answers this exact question so well! Christ doesn't make up the difference, He is the difference.

Anyway! I'm out of time! I love being a servant of the Lord at this time. I'm feeling more confident with Korean everyday. Missionary work is so much more fun when you can understand what people are saying and can respond back! haha who knew right? Life is still busy running two areas and being STL but I am learning so much and I am completely grateful that Sister Park and I get along so well!

I love you all so much! don't forget to pray and read your scriptures!

Sister Hurley
Last week at Jinju Castle!

Our investigator Sister Kwon lives in the middle of nowhere.
Which makes missionary work that much more of an adventure right?

This is for Whitney so she can be reassured that I am still an animated giraffe.

Helping a member in Sacheon prepare food for her restaurant.
Cutting green onions! #onlyinkorea. are hashtags still a thing?

Sister Park and Me

Our Elders in Sacheon! Elder Ralphs and Elder Hophiens

Our Elders in Jinju! Elder Quiroz and Elder Ha

Monday, February 2, 2015


This last week was.. really fantastic! One of my favorite weeks on the mission so far! My new companion sister Park is so incredible and I am truly so blessed to be companions with her at this time! I am supposed to be follow up training her but seriously I feel she is training me!! I have never been so happy as a missionay. We are both young and wanting to work really hard! Sister Park has an older sister and a younger sister. Her family is all members but her older sister is less active. During part of high school she lived in Indonesia and then after high school she attended BYU Hawaii for 3 years! Although she speaks English fluently she knows that I want to improve my korean so she speaks Korean to me and I love it so much!

Things here in Jinju and Sacheon are busier than they have ever been (I think I mentioned that last week...) It's sad because we don't have enough time to do all that we want to do to help this area.

Also last Sunday an american showed up at church (that wasn't a missionary)! He was from Arizona and was on a trip for work. When he saw me, he said he recognized me from my blog! haha.  It was so strange yet so funny at the same time. He said he wanted to find out more about the church in Jinju and ended up finding my blog!

A little about the people we are working with!

We taught sister Kwon (our investigator who found the church website and requested a BOM and a pamplet) this last we the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized in 3 weeks and she said YES! So we have a lot of work to do to help prepare her for baptism. She used to have a big problem with the word of wisdom but she has progressed so much and she loves calling to tell us the she hasn't had any coffee that day! She is continuing to pray and receive answers to her prayers. She used to have nightmares every night but as we and her have been praying that she can sleep peacefully her prayers have been answered! I told her how when I was younger I used to have nightmares too but every night I prayed before going to bed that I wouldn't have nightmares, I didn't have nightmares! that was one of my first real experiences with prayer when I was younger and it was fun to be reminded of that. Sister Kwon is also continuing to love the BOM. She continues to have a desire to change her life and I love watching her progress and become the person that God knows she can become!

We also taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our investigator family this past week. The one with the cutest 10 year old daughters in the world. When we invited the mother to be baptized she said she would need to think a little more about it. She said she loves out messages, especially when we taught the plan of salvation. she loves learning about our church need to work harder to help her have a firmer testimony of the BOM because right now she said she wants a church with more members for her kids....But in Sacheon our church only has about 14 active members... and only 2 primary kids... so it's tough... but we will continue to do our best!

The Less active member we have been working with for the past few months came to our English class and had a great time! Said she had a great time and that she wants to come back! But when we ask her to come to church she says if we can make her sons come to church then she will go with them...but her sons have absolutly no desire to come to church... so sad... but we continue to meet her each week. she absolutely loves the missionaries and loves our messages. She actively listens and asks questions! I know she will come back to church some day!

YAYY MISSIONARY WORK AND YAY KOREA<3 The work here is hard.... like I'm sure it is everywhere but I know it's worth it. Even just changing a few lives for the better is worth it.

Fun facts about Korea:

If you eat a lot of food at a meal it's a really good thing and the members like you more. people ask "did you eat a lot?" as a common question everyday... I was reminded the other day that if you eat a lot in America you are kinda considered a pig. haha. well I'm happy that for a year and a half I can eat as much as I want and get praised for it:) hehe

Scripture of the day is the scripture I shared with our little branch in Sacheon during fast and testimony meeting. Ether 12:6. because we don't receive a witness until after the trial of our faith... if life was easy it would be easy to have faith all the time but it's through the hard times that as we exercise our faith we truly see God's hand working in our lives.

Sister Hurley

Sister Park <3

Today we went to a JinJu Castle!  We got to watch as people worshipped Buddah!
It was soo coool!! Don't worry, I'm still mormon :)