Monday, February 23, 2015


This last week was a huge holiday in Korea called solnar (no idea how to spell that in english... haha) so my companion was able to skype her family! yay for that! because of the big holiday it's supposedly a really hard week for missionary work because there is no one on the streets and we aren't aloud to go to members houses unless invited...but Sister Park and I saw miracles! We were still able to meet with several investigators and find some new ones!
Last tuesday I was able to go on exchange number 2 with Sister Hill! When you put 2 americans that are blonde together and living in Korea...well crazy things happen. We went on the adventure of a lifetime to find less actives which included talking to everyone, meeting realtors, eating yummy food, finding our less actives daughter who isn't a member but let us come in a talk. And ended the night deciding to chop 5 inches off my hair... so that happened. now I don't look like a pioneer! (not that that is a bad thing... I love the pioneers)
On Wednesday sister park and I were able to meet Sister Kwon and we decided to move her baptismal date to March 22 where we all felt more comfortable. We had the best lesson with her to date! completely led by the spirit we talked about Repentance and Baptism.Before this lesson with here I was actually feeling pretty sick but after praying to feel better, during the lesson, I completely forgot I didn't feel good. and then after the lesson I felt sick again. But I knew it was a little tender mercy and an answer to my prayer. It has been so fun to be able to really watch how the gospel can change someones life for the better. she is becoming so much happier as she is aligning her life with God's will. 
Thursday was the big holiday in Korea and we were invited to our branch presidents house in 남해 (namhae)  We feasted and played games and bowed to our branch presidents grandmother ( it's tradition during this holiday for the grandchildren to bow to their grandmother and then they receive money!) we didn't receive money though...haha. But then after we ate our branch president asked us if we wanted to meet a monk, apparently he lives right next to a buddhist temple and he is really good friends with the monk that lives there so the four of us missionaries (the elders were there too) all went to the buddhist temple and talked to the most sweetest monk ever.
That evening we put together a little party for all the members in our ward who didn't have anywhere to go for the holiday. we spent the night watching mormon messages and bearing testimony and eating yummy food.
Today I am on another exchange! I am with sister KooMinJi who is in her 9 transfer!
We have another exchange this friday and Saturday and that will be our last! Next thursday is transfer call night and I am praying everyday that I can stay in this area for another transfer with sister Park because I love it so much! We are seeing so many miracles and our area is progressing so much right now! We have been so blessed.
It was a great week and I hope it was for you all as well!
Love you!
Sster Hurley 헐리 자매
When I was a pioneer!

Kinda Gross! Sooo much hair!

At Buddhist Temple

Making treats for the members!

today we went ice skating and had a zone PDAY! I look like a dork.. but well yeah.

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