Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!

Fun Korean Fact: On valentines day in Korea, only girls give chocolate to boys. but there is another day during the year called white day where boys give candy to girls (which I don't really understand cuz I like chocolate more but...well yeah) oh and then there is another day during the year called black day which is for all the single people and they go out and eat black noodles.
Anyway! This week was a really great one! We had zone conference! In order to prepare for zone conference we were asked to read Ether 1-3 and Helaman 5 so that is your reading assignment for the week. kinda a lot but just remember reading your scriptures is more important than well... everything else. It took me a while to figure that out but once I did my life was completely changed for the better. trust me:) Because Sister Park and I are Sister Training leaders over our zone we had the opportunity of bearing testimony at zone conference. I read Ether 2: 22 and 25 talked about how God has sent his son Jesus Christ to be the light in our life as we pass through the great waters life throws at us in our missions or in life in general. He doesn't want us to pass through our trials in darkness. I really know this to be true and there have been several times during my mission where my testimony of this has strengthend.
I have a little sad news about Sister Kwons baptism... We found out this past week that she needs more time. A few problems arose that we need to help her through and It turns out keeping the word of wisdom is really really hard! But she agreed when we go to her house tomorrow we can throw out everything that breaks the word of wisdom! Sounds kinda fun right? But sadly I will be far away in a different area on exchanges in tongyeong so sister Park will have to do it!
Speaking of exchanges, I have absolutely loved being a Sister training leader. having the opportunity to meet so many great sisters and learn from them and how they do missionary work has been so much fun! This last week I went on an exchange with Sister 박주은 (a different sister Park than my companion) We went on an adventure to find less actives. We met a woman who was baptized when she was in her 20s and now she is in her 60s. She was telling us about how she believes in mormonism but she also believes in Shomonism. Shomonists believe that the mountains and trees all have different spirits. But while she was explaining all of this to us her younger sister who is in her 50s runs in the house yelling " Ow my leg! ahh it hurts! ahh my leg hurts!" "oh the missionaries! It is not a coincidence that we met! Lets pray! we need to pray right now for my leg! pray for my leg!" We had never met either of these ladies before and weren't sure if the younger sister was a member or not but we thought "alright yeah we can pray for her leg" but before we started praying the older sister starts praying. not soon after the younger sister stops her and says, "no... the missionaries need to pray! it will work better!"haha. so we prayed...Her leg wasn't immediately healed or anything but she was satisfied. Oh the experiences I am having... you have no idea. haha
Also this last week was valentines day and I was still on an exchange in Masan where I met 5 old men who wanted to learn english. One gave me a choloclate bar but when I asked if it was because it was valentines day.. he said he didn't even know it was. haha But the coolest part of English class was at the end where I had the opportunity to share the spiritual message. I really felt I was given power and what to say. I felt confident in the words I was speaking. and I felt the spirit working through me. I testified of God and the reality of prayer. I know God hears all of our prayers. Even the little ones.
Today has been kinda a rough day hearing about what's going on with grandma but I know God will comfort me through this time. He has time and time again. I'm grateful to have the knowledge of Heavenly Fathers beautiful plan of salvation. I have come to know of it's truthfulness.
Have a great week everyone! I love you all so much!
Sister Hurley

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