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Every monday night after P-day we have family home evening in Jinju with the youth and young adults in our ward. One big responsibilty the missioanries have in Korea is strengthening the youth of the ward. The members of our ward our so easy to love and serve! Koreans are the best:)
The highlight of that day was actually after family home evening when our investigator with the baptismal date Sister Kwon called us to tell us she prayed and read the book of Mormon. The problem is that she prayed that we would be able to eat chicken together the next day when we planned to meet. She said she knows God hears and is answering her prayers. As missionaries of course we did everything we could to get chicken to that appointment with her haha. It wasn't easy because most chicken places don't open until 1 or 2 and our appointment was at 2 and she lives forever away... but after much prayer and the kindness of a less active member in our ward who happens to own a chicken shop... we got chicken to that appointment. Her prayer was answered! Of this experience she said, "God really does love me!" I was able to tell her back with a surety, "yes, he really does"

This brings us to...

Meeting with Sister Kwon always makes for the adventure of a lifetime. There was much crying and laughing and feeling the spirit touch all of our hearts in only a matter of a couple hours. We all shared scriptures and did our best to help her. She is struggling with the word of wisdom and a few other things mentally so she needs a lot of love a support right now. As I sat close to her holding her hand during the lesson I felt a sense of peace knowing that she is one reason I was needed in this area at this time. I felt I was where I needed to be.
Oh and this day I was also able to do some farming! separated red bean for a couple hours. #onlyinsacheon

You know it's a good day when your investigator calls you and tells you she prayed and thanked God for being able to eat chicken together. Then later she called again asking us questions about Christ and the resurrection and judgement. She seems to be studying like crazy and I could be more happy and proud:)

helped a member prepare food for people at her restaurant.

Went to headquarters to meet the mission president for MLCM! Missionary leadership coordination meeting? yes I think that is what it means.

We met a new potential investigator and she became an investiagtor! We first met her at our service project in jinju that we do every friday. serving and cleaning dishes for the elderly! We are doing Family English program with her!

Sister Kwon came to church! yay<3 There are no buses at that time to get her to church but when we explained the situation to our bishop he said, "I will pick her up!!" Blessed with such great members!
The title of the email is grace because this morning I read the talk "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. It is so good! This last week we had an investigator say to me, "Sister Hurley, I just don't understand grace" This talk answers this exact question so well! Christ doesn't make up the difference, He is the difference.

Anyway! I'm out of time! I love being a servant of the Lord at this time. I'm feeling more confident with Korean everyday. Missionary work is so much more fun when you can understand what people are saying and can respond back! haha who knew right? Life is still busy running two areas and being STL but I am learning so much and I am completely grateful that Sister Park and I get along so well!

I love you all so much! don't forget to pray and read your scriptures!

Sister Hurley
Last week at Jinju Castle!

Our investigator Sister Kwon lives in the middle of nowhere.
Which makes missionary work that much more of an adventure right?

This is for Whitney so she can be reassured that I am still an animated giraffe.

Helping a member in Sacheon prepare food for her restaurant.
Cutting green onions! #onlyinkorea. are hashtags still a thing?

Sister Park and Me

Our Elders in Sacheon! Elder Ralphs and Elder Hophiens

Our Elders in Jinju! Elder Quiroz and Elder Ha

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