Monday, June 29, 2015


가족, 친구, 모든 사람!

This week was such a rollercoaster! We had really amazing days and a few heartbreaking ones. On tuesday I was able to go on an exchange with Sister yoon in bangeojin! Can I just say one more time that I absolutely love being so close to my training area? ahh it has been the biggest blessing! We had so much fun together! We were able to go to a service activty where we helped old people work out! So funny! One of the exercises included switiching off slapping our own armpits... I really didn't understand why it was an exercise and I could help from laughing so hard but apparently it is really healthy for you! so if you're every bored you should try it sometime:) also a lot of the old people could not stop telling sister yoon and I how pretty we are so I thin we started to get a little prideful. haha. seriously I have never heard the word "pretty" (in korean of course...) so much in my life than I have in Korea... I may need to live here forever! ha but after the service activity..... I GOT TO GO SEE KIMBOGYEOUNG! (an investigator I was able to teaching during training that recently got baptized a few weeks ago) We were able to teach her a recent convert lesson and it was such a great experience. She has such a new added light to her now that she is baptized and looks happier than I have ever seen her! I was also able to share one of my favorite scriptures with her and bear testimony. What a great experience that was <3 I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to see her again!

Wednesday was kinda a really hard day for me because I found out that we won't be able to meet one of our most progressing investigators Sister Parkjihyeon for a while because of a personal family problem that came up:( On tuesday night while Sister Thornley was in shinjeoung with sister beazer they had english class and sister park came but in the middle of class she received a phone call from her husband that sounded pretty bad and she ran out of class with her kids.... When I called her the next day after I had heard of that experience she didn't answer but she sent us a text that said " It seems you called because you are worried. I'm sorry. I will always remember you in my heart. right now I am having a really hard time. thank you. I love you. please pray for me" ahh My heart broke into a million peices when we received this text from her! Its hard watching her go through this hard time! Please keep her in your prayers!

On Friday we were able to meet Sister Kimsurgi and teach her the restoration! I wouldn't be lying if I said that it was the best lesson I have had on my mission. The spirit was so strong. As we taugh about Joseph Smith and His experience in the sacred grove she said she felt a really good feeling and we told her that that was the spirit testifying to her that the message we are sharing is true. His experience of Seeing God the Father and Jesus Christ really hit her hard because she had a similar experience in January when she had a dream that she was talking to God. We talked about how like Joseph smith maybe a lot of people don't believe her when she tells them that she had a dream and she completely agreed. We talked about how God knew that people wouldn't believe Joseph Smith so He provided us with the Book of Mormon as evidence of the restoration. After we explained what the Book of Mormon is and testified of it's truthfulness and how she could know it was true... She said " I really need to buy myself a Book of Mormon!" haha it was so cute:) she didn't understand that the one we had there was prepared for her and that we had written our testimonies inside. When we told her this she began to tear up a bit. She was so grateful to be receiving such a special book! I hope that the Book of Mormon can change her life as much as it has changed mine<3 I just felt so grateful to be able to meet Sister Kimsurgi. She originally was straight english interest but now she wants to read the Book of Mormon! The only problem is that she has been attending a different church since January and has become close with the members in that church. I hope and pray that she will come to know that the Book of Mormon is God's word and that Christ's true church has been established on the earth once again in these latter-days.

Saturday we met Sister goyumin and Sister kimjuyoung. We had them read 2 Nephi 31 to prepare for our lesson and they came with so many questions about baptism! We invited them to be baptized and they said once they come to know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God they will be baptized! They said they wanted to continue to study the Book of Mormon with us every week so they understand it a little more before they make that commitment. I'm excited to continue meeting them!

Overall it was a pretty amazing week (besides hearing about Sister Park:() But life is really great here in shinjeoung with Sister Thornley! I know that we are doing God's work and that God has lead us to the people we are teaching. I know that God loves the people of Korea so much and wants them to accept the message of the restoration. I know that God lives. I know through Joseph Smith, God restored Christ's perfect church. I am reminded of this everyday as I read the Book of Mormon. There is so much power in that book. I know that it is God's word. I'm so grateful that I can be here serving as a missionary in Korea. I love you all!!

Sister Hurley<3
Sent this sweet member back to Switzerland!
We were able to have a lot of member present lessons with her!

Bowling with kimsurgi<3

hehe should I get these glasses? maybe this pic should just be for you whit. (NO WAY.. - whit)

After helping the old people exercise! That old woman can beat everyone in that game!

Exchange with sister Yoon! Seeing some cute kids from the Bangeojin branch!

Our district!

Kimsurgi and the sister missionaries! Right after our incredible lesson she wanted to take
a picture with the Book of Mormon!

That one time I ate a whole chicken in a bowl. #korea
Our elders:) both Koreans!

Monday, June 22, 2015

A week full of miracles!

This week was really great and full of miracles! We had a new girl show up to english class that is so sweet! We met her the week before on the street while playing a game to advertise our english class. It consists of throwing a ping pong ball wrapped in velcro at a velcro convered dart board thingy. and then wherever it lands, we ask them different questions. It's a good way to get peoples attention but a lot of times we get like 30 peoples contact numbers saying they want to come to our english class but then when we invite them no one comes.... but this week someone came from that activity so it was really awesome! In fact I just felt a really good feeling the moment  I saw her and at the end of class on saturday I decided to invite her to a dinner that our branch was having the following sunday at 6:00 and she came! She started talking to a lot of members and she said that she would love for us to teach her so I got really excited about that. She originally just had english interest so I was a little nervous when members started talking to her all about the church and the blessings they have received from being members. She told them that she was jealous! I'm so excited to start teaching her!  She told that before January of this year, she didn't really believe that God existed but then She said that He visited her in a Dream and told her that she needed to believe in Him so ever since then she has been attending a christian church a little far from her house. She is 25 years old and we sill start to meet her with a member in our ward who is 25 and a return missionary! yay for new investigators. I have so much hope for her!

Other exciting news of the week is that we began to meet Sister parkhyangmi again! I originally met this sister as a trainee in bangeojin and we referred her to the shinjeong sisters back in september. When I first came to this area she was our most progressing investigator but all of a sudden she got in an accident and was sent to the hospital in seoul for the last 2 months so we haven't been able to meet. but this last week we were able to meet her twice! It was so good to finally see her again! She is starting to read the Book of Mormon again.

Thursday night we were able to meet a less-active sister who is mongolion. She is married to a Korean and I am conviced that the only reason she doesn't come to church is because it is hard for her to understand.. She seemed to have so much faith! She is planning to go to america this week and wants to visit the new york temple. On the way home... I accidenlty had us take the wrong bus in the wrong direction... haha oops. so we had to take a taxi back... but the taxi drivier was quite curious in what we had to say so we taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and we were able to give him a copy and invite Him to read it so I feel that was meant to be!

Also during weekly planning I decided to call this man who Sister Broyles and I had met on the street last transfer and he said he wanted to meet NOW. so we called the Elder and we all ran to the church to meet him. He told us He wanted to hear God's words and he wondered why there is so much contention between people of different religions because it doesn't feel right. Elder Kim shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon in 3 nephi 11:29 which says:
"For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of contention, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger one with another"
This man really loved those words and the spirit testified to him that it was true. He will now meet with the elders twice a week!

Funny moment of the week: After english class I heard two of our investigators talking to eachother (we have 4 investigators that attend english class and are taking the lessons right now)  they were joking that I give them too much homework. (reading from the Book of Mormon) and I told them it was because I knew it would help them in their lives and they agreed it was true. haha. I now know what it feels like to be the teacher in school who has kids complaining that their teacher gives them too much homework. But I'm grateful that I can be a teacher who gives Homework and commitments that bring people closer to Christ! What a blessing that it!

I have really been feeling blessed this transfer with investigators! We are meeting a lot of people with potential. I tell Sister Thornley that it is her Trainee power.

Oh also During English class this last week I was given a Korean name! It is Parkhanbyur. (hanbyur means one star) so that was fun.

I love you all so much and hope all is well!

Love Sister 박한별 <3

Facts about Korea! 

  • Giving food is a big sign of love and it is rude to reject food. One of my investiagtors explained it like this. If you are going to the ocean to see a beautiful view, but you are hungry, then it is more important to eat than to see the view because you will enjoy the view more once you are full. makes sense right?
  • they have pictures of raw meat or live animals on the outside of restaurants. For example if you can order pork at a restauraunt it is common for them to have a picture of a pic on the outside. at first I though it was weird but now I look at a picture of raw meet and thing"ahh delicous!" haha cuz food is normally cooked in front of us so we almost always see it raw.
  • There are trucks that drive around selling vegetable and announcing over a microphone how much everything is and during training I was convinced that it sounded like North Korea was invading.
  • middle school and high school students all wear uniforms!
  • In the summer time a lot of people carry around a sun umbrella that blocks their face from the sun so they don't get burnt. Koreans love being white rather than tan! So oppostite from americans. But Koreans skin is so beautiful and it's hard to tell how old the people are because they always look younger than they actually are!
This is a pic of our investigator Sister Park who teaches taekwondo
and my companion sister Thornley!


Monday, June 15, 2015

A great week!

Seriously just finished such a great week!

Monday: had to cut p-day a little short cuz we got invited to have family home evening at a members house. The father of the family invited a girl who taught at the same school he did and he wanted to introduce her to the missionaries! It went so well! Sister Thornley and I planned the activity and the spiritual message. Everyone seemed to have a really great time. The referral was so sweet and drove us to a bus stope closer to our home. we were able to talke to her about her religious background and get her number so we could meet her again and share a message! She seems to have a lot of potential and wants to learn more so i'm excited!

Tuesday: We were able to meet our investigator Sister Kang who lives in an area close to ours without sister missionaries. It was a good lession because we were able to see where she is at and what she needs to become converted. At night we had english class and the Elders from my first area came and informed me that Sister KimBoGyeoung (an investigator I had in my first area) was BAPTIZED on sunday! He told me how the gospel has really been able to help her in her life! I remember when I taught her in my first area that she had a lot of problems and hard times that she was trying to get through and I just felt so extremely grateful that the gospel has been able to change her life for the better!

Wednesday: Received Mommas package!! had zone conference, met our investigator Sister Park, and passed out a book of Mormon during proselyting! yay:)

Thursday: MY 1 YEAR MARK. couldn't even believe it. the last year has flown by way too fast! made some goals for the last 6 months of my mission. I really want to walk away feeling as though I have given everything I can to Heavenly Father and His work. I'm grateful I have 6 months left to work as hard as I can. I want to strive everyday to do my best. To be perfectly obedient and to open my mouth to declare the gospel to everyone I can. I know if I do this I will be able to walk away with no regrets. Knowing that I gave everything I could to God's work.

Also on Thursday we were able to have a really grate lesson with a less-active we have been working with. I woke up not really knowing what to teach her and kinda feeling ready to give up on her and drop her because she wasn't progressing... But then I remembered a letter that I had received on wednesday from my previous companion Sister Broyles saying that she had watched a mormon message titled "on the road to damascus" and felt it would be good for this less-active. Without any other ideas in mind, and not being able to watch the video before, we decided to watch it with her. It was taking a big chance because we didn't really know what it was about and we knew we would have to follow the spirit to know what to say. But can I just say I feel we had one of the best lessons that I have ever had with this Less active Sister Kim. The video was exactly what she needed to watch. By the end of our lesson she had an increased desire to read the Book of Mormon. She had felt that before when she had read the BOM, she had read it more like a story or like a histroy book but we emphasized the importance of how we must apply what we learn in the scriptures into our lives and that is how we can become converted. She became excited to see how she could liken the scriptures unto her life. And at the end of the lesson, she said the most beautiful prayer with us. I felt the spirit so strong in the lesson and I know that she felt it too<3

Friday: Met Sister Park again

Saturday: Crazy crazy day! We had the opportunity to go to a relief society activity of some sisters in an area close to our that doesn't have sister missionaries! They asked if we could come and teach them how to make cases for their scriptures! (because in Korea they don't have cases for scriptures like they do in america) I felt it was a really great opportunity to serve. I would be lying if I said it wasn't stressful though! A lot of people needed a lot of help and trying to explain how to make them in Korean was a challenge but by the end it was all worth it and the Relief society sisters were able to make some really beautiful boxes(cases) for their scriptures! I will have to send some pictures.

We then had to run back to our area for an appointment we had. It was with to college students we have been meeting weekly Sister Go and Sister Kim (another sister kim.. haha) but they always show up having done the reading assignment with lots of questions and interest. They are progressing really well!

Sunday: We had church and then in the evening we met our chinese investigator! Let's just say I need to learn chinese! haha. It was kinda really hard to communicate with her. She speaks english a little and korean a little bit more than her english... but overall it is kinda challenging. we were able to give her a book of mormon in Chinese though! and we are getting all of the pamphlets in chinese and hopefully we can find some mormon messages or something in chinese for her too. if you find anything let me know:)

We had a really cool experience after the lesson with prayer that I have to share! We left her house at about 8:20 and we needed to be home by 9 but 20 minutes passed and not a single but or taxi had come so we were getting a little nervous but I had the thought that we needed to say a prayer! So we prayed and immediately as Sister Thornley said Amen, a taxi showed up right in front of us! we were able to make it home on time! I know God heard our prayer and was helping us be obedient!

I have still really enjoyed being a trainer and feel I am closer than I have ever been to the missionary that Heavenly father wants me to become and it feels really great. I am still so far from perfection but I feel I am headed in the right direction. Being a trainer is really pushing me to do my best in every situation because I want to set a good example.

I love you all! Thank you for your support! I hope you have a great week! and watch out for MERS! (or is that only in Korea?) make sure you are wearing your face mask! (if you don't know what it is look it up)

Love, Sister Hurley

Some of the cute scripture cases the members made!

Chinese Book of Mormon and pamphlet! I don't know Chinese!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Training life

Hey my cute Family and Friends,

This week was CRAZY. and really good!

So normally on the monday of transfer meeting, we get our new companions and go to our areas but because me and 2 other sisters were called to train, we ended up being in a trio until thursday which was SO MUCH FUN. aww the other trainers names are sister Nielson (my same group coming to Korea), and Sister Erickson! They are seriously so amazing and I was really blessed to spend some time with them before I got my new companion.We were able to set goals for what kind of trainer we want to be and What we can do to best help our trainees. We stayed a night in Sister Ericksons area called miryang, a night in my area (shinjung) and a night in Busan! The night we stayed in my area we were able to all teach my investigator together which was a really cool experience! We taught sister Jung (the referral we received from seoul) how to pray and she got really excited and prayed at the end of the lesson. The spirit was really strong and she expressed her strong desire to come to church on sunday! The only problem is that her husband doesn't really like religion very much so she is nervous to tell him that we are meeting... So please pray for her! She has a lot of potential to be baptized! She also mentioned this last week that she is allergic to beer and alcohol and that it makes her really sick... haha so that made me pretty happy. I had to repeat what she said to make sure I understood her correctly haha:) so yay. I'm excited to see what happens with her!

Then on Wednesday we met the new trainees and did a proselyting activity with each of them. We just went out on the streets and talked o everyone we could. we had about 30 minutes with each trainee and then we had to switch. The last companion that I was matched with was from Utah and her name is Sister Thornley. As we were proselyting, I has a strong impression that she was going to be my companion. It just really felt right. So we finished the activity and then went to another missionaries house in Busan to stay the night and the next morning (thursday) we met the trainees again. Before the meeting I wrote a note to whoever would be my future companion and as I was writing it I just really felt like I was writing it to Sister Thornley. Like it just made sense. Like I would have been shocked if it wasn't her just because I felt so strongly about it. Then... dun dun dun. about an hour later we got out companions and mine is.....SISTER ALICIA THORNLEY! :) We both just felt like it was going to happen and I'm really excited for the next two transfers that we will have together! We have already had a lot of fun together and have been able to meet a lot of people. We are really busy so we are really happy:) Tonight we got invited to do family home evening with a member family in our branch because they want to introduce us to their friend who has interest in our church! basically things are going really good here in shinjung and I love it so much! Time is going way too fast! I know that God lives and that this is His work! I'm grateful I can be an instrument to help other learn of Him and of His son Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that I have been able to grow closer to Them through this experience. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Don't forget to read your scriptures and pray!

Love, Sister Hurley

This is our mission president and His wife and all the trainers with their new companions!

The stack of rocks is for good luck...

My bed...

My cute mtc companion! REUNITED.
THE TRAINERS<3 I love these girls so much!


Our first night together... haha welcome to Korea...where we do taekwondo with our investigators.


Our elders. and investigators husband.

Monday, June 1, 2015

So??? What happened with transfers???


This week was pretty crazy (let's be real... when is life not crazy as a missionary...) But first of all you may be wondering what happened with transfers! So Thursday night Sister Broyles got a phone call that she would be leaving to go to a place called tongyeoung with Sister Kang (my companion from 3rd transfer!) I'm going to miss her so much because I really have been able to learn so much while I have served with her and she has helped me not get so stressed about things:) MY NEW COMPANION IS..dun dun dun... either someone from Australia, New Zealand, or Utah.... to be honest I don't really know because I got a call from President asking me if I would accept the call to be a TRAINER this next transfer. Honestly I was feeling a lot of prompting last week and I felt that I would possibly be training this next transfer so it didn't come as a HUGE surprise but I still feel super inadequate in the language and other things so I'mma gonna need lots of prayers from YOU:) So right now I am in a trio with the other 2 girls who were also called to be trainers! (Sister Nielsen and Sister Erickson) so we will be traveling to our areas the next couple days doing final preparations for the new missionaries! I'm excited for the experience of being a trainer because I feel it a great opportunity to learn a lot and help a new missionary (cuz I remember how hard it was being a new missionary...) But I know trainers can really have a big influence on How the trainee sees missionary work! If you have any advice I would love to know:)

other than transfers.... This past week sister Broyles and I were able to see miracles!! Sister Park came to church with her daughter!! aww it was really awesome! I know she had a good feeling and I hope she will continue to come! Also Sunday night a referral we received from seoul texted us and said she wanted to meet! so we met her and she has a lot of gospel interest and said she wants to attend church next week! So I'm pretty excited for that. I don't have a lot of time for email this week but i'm sure this next week will be pretty crazy! Thank you for all your love and support!

Sister Hurley<3