Monday, June 8, 2015

Training life

Hey my cute Family and Friends,

This week was CRAZY. and really good!

So normally on the monday of transfer meeting, we get our new companions and go to our areas but because me and 2 other sisters were called to train, we ended up being in a trio until thursday which was SO MUCH FUN. aww the other trainers names are sister Nielson (my same group coming to Korea), and Sister Erickson! They are seriously so amazing and I was really blessed to spend some time with them before I got my new companion.We were able to set goals for what kind of trainer we want to be and What we can do to best help our trainees. We stayed a night in Sister Ericksons area called miryang, a night in my area (shinjung) and a night in Busan! The night we stayed in my area we were able to all teach my investigator together which was a really cool experience! We taught sister Jung (the referral we received from seoul) how to pray and she got really excited and prayed at the end of the lesson. The spirit was really strong and she expressed her strong desire to come to church on sunday! The only problem is that her husband doesn't really like religion very much so she is nervous to tell him that we are meeting... So please pray for her! She has a lot of potential to be baptized! She also mentioned this last week that she is allergic to beer and alcohol and that it makes her really sick... haha so that made me pretty happy. I had to repeat what she said to make sure I understood her correctly haha:) so yay. I'm excited to see what happens with her!

Then on Wednesday we met the new trainees and did a proselyting activity with each of them. We just went out on the streets and talked o everyone we could. we had about 30 minutes with each trainee and then we had to switch. The last companion that I was matched with was from Utah and her name is Sister Thornley. As we were proselyting, I has a strong impression that she was going to be my companion. It just really felt right. So we finished the activity and then went to another missionaries house in Busan to stay the night and the next morning (thursday) we met the trainees again. Before the meeting I wrote a note to whoever would be my future companion and as I was writing it I just really felt like I was writing it to Sister Thornley. Like it just made sense. Like I would have been shocked if it wasn't her just because I felt so strongly about it. Then... dun dun dun. about an hour later we got out companions and mine is.....SISTER ALICIA THORNLEY! :) We both just felt like it was going to happen and I'm really excited for the next two transfers that we will have together! We have already had a lot of fun together and have been able to meet a lot of people. We are really busy so we are really happy:) Tonight we got invited to do family home evening with a member family in our branch because they want to introduce us to their friend who has interest in our church! basically things are going really good here in shinjung and I love it so much! Time is going way too fast! I know that God lives and that this is His work! I'm grateful I can be an instrument to help other learn of Him and of His son Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that I have been able to grow closer to Them through this experience. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Don't forget to read your scriptures and pray!

Love, Sister Hurley

This is our mission president and His wife and all the trainers with their new companions!

The stack of rocks is for good luck...

My bed...

My cute mtc companion! REUNITED.
THE TRAINERS<3 I love these girls so much!


Our first night together... haha welcome to Korea...where we do taekwondo with our investigators.


Our elders. and investigators husband.

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