Monday, June 22, 2015

A week full of miracles!

This week was really great and full of miracles! We had a new girl show up to english class that is so sweet! We met her the week before on the street while playing a game to advertise our english class. It consists of throwing a ping pong ball wrapped in velcro at a velcro convered dart board thingy. and then wherever it lands, we ask them different questions. It's a good way to get peoples attention but a lot of times we get like 30 peoples contact numbers saying they want to come to our english class but then when we invite them no one comes.... but this week someone came from that activity so it was really awesome! In fact I just felt a really good feeling the moment  I saw her and at the end of class on saturday I decided to invite her to a dinner that our branch was having the following sunday at 6:00 and she came! She started talking to a lot of members and she said that she would love for us to teach her so I got really excited about that. She originally just had english interest so I was a little nervous when members started talking to her all about the church and the blessings they have received from being members. She told them that she was jealous! I'm so excited to start teaching her!  She told that before January of this year, she didn't really believe that God existed but then She said that He visited her in a Dream and told her that she needed to believe in Him so ever since then she has been attending a christian church a little far from her house. She is 25 years old and we sill start to meet her with a member in our ward who is 25 and a return missionary! yay for new investigators. I have so much hope for her!

Other exciting news of the week is that we began to meet Sister parkhyangmi again! I originally met this sister as a trainee in bangeojin and we referred her to the shinjeong sisters back in september. When I first came to this area she was our most progressing investigator but all of a sudden she got in an accident and was sent to the hospital in seoul for the last 2 months so we haven't been able to meet. but this last week we were able to meet her twice! It was so good to finally see her again! She is starting to read the Book of Mormon again.

Thursday night we were able to meet a less-active sister who is mongolion. She is married to a Korean and I am conviced that the only reason she doesn't come to church is because it is hard for her to understand.. She seemed to have so much faith! She is planning to go to america this week and wants to visit the new york temple. On the way home... I accidenlty had us take the wrong bus in the wrong direction... haha oops. so we had to take a taxi back... but the taxi drivier was quite curious in what we had to say so we taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and we were able to give him a copy and invite Him to read it so I feel that was meant to be!

Also during weekly planning I decided to call this man who Sister Broyles and I had met on the street last transfer and he said he wanted to meet NOW. so we called the Elder and we all ran to the church to meet him. He told us He wanted to hear God's words and he wondered why there is so much contention between people of different religions because it doesn't feel right. Elder Kim shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon in 3 nephi 11:29 which says:
"For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of contention, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger one with another"
This man really loved those words and the spirit testified to him that it was true. He will now meet with the elders twice a week!

Funny moment of the week: After english class I heard two of our investigators talking to eachother (we have 4 investigators that attend english class and are taking the lessons right now)  they were joking that I give them too much homework. (reading from the Book of Mormon) and I told them it was because I knew it would help them in their lives and they agreed it was true. haha. I now know what it feels like to be the teacher in school who has kids complaining that their teacher gives them too much homework. But I'm grateful that I can be a teacher who gives Homework and commitments that bring people closer to Christ! What a blessing that it!

I have really been feeling blessed this transfer with investigators! We are meeting a lot of people with potential. I tell Sister Thornley that it is her Trainee power.

Oh also During English class this last week I was given a Korean name! It is Parkhanbyur. (hanbyur means one star) so that was fun.

I love you all so much and hope all is well!

Love Sister 박한별 <3

Facts about Korea! 

  • Giving food is a big sign of love and it is rude to reject food. One of my investiagtors explained it like this. If you are going to the ocean to see a beautiful view, but you are hungry, then it is more important to eat than to see the view because you will enjoy the view more once you are full. makes sense right?
  • they have pictures of raw meat or live animals on the outside of restaurants. For example if you can order pork at a restauraunt it is common for them to have a picture of a pic on the outside. at first I though it was weird but now I look at a picture of raw meet and thing"ahh delicous!" haha cuz food is normally cooked in front of us so we almost always see it raw.
  • There are trucks that drive around selling vegetable and announcing over a microphone how much everything is and during training I was convinced that it sounded like North Korea was invading.
  • middle school and high school students all wear uniforms!
  • In the summer time a lot of people carry around a sun umbrella that blocks their face from the sun so they don't get burnt. Koreans love being white rather than tan! So oppostite from americans. But Koreans skin is so beautiful and it's hard to tell how old the people are because they always look younger than they actually are!
This is a pic of our investigator Sister Park who teaches taekwondo
and my companion sister Thornley!


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