Monday, June 1, 2015

So??? What happened with transfers???


This week was pretty crazy (let's be real... when is life not crazy as a missionary...) But first of all you may be wondering what happened with transfers! So Thursday night Sister Broyles got a phone call that she would be leaving to go to a place called tongyeoung with Sister Kang (my companion from 3rd transfer!) I'm going to miss her so much because I really have been able to learn so much while I have served with her and she has helped me not get so stressed about things:) MY NEW COMPANION IS..dun dun dun... either someone from Australia, New Zealand, or Utah.... to be honest I don't really know because I got a call from President asking me if I would accept the call to be a TRAINER this next transfer. Honestly I was feeling a lot of prompting last week and I felt that I would possibly be training this next transfer so it didn't come as a HUGE surprise but I still feel super inadequate in the language and other things so I'mma gonna need lots of prayers from YOU:) So right now I am in a trio with the other 2 girls who were also called to be trainers! (Sister Nielsen and Sister Erickson) so we will be traveling to our areas the next couple days doing final preparations for the new missionaries! I'm excited for the experience of being a trainer because I feel it a great opportunity to learn a lot and help a new missionary (cuz I remember how hard it was being a new missionary...) But I know trainers can really have a big influence on How the trainee sees missionary work! If you have any advice I would love to know:)

other than transfers.... This past week sister Broyles and I were able to see miracles!! Sister Park came to church with her daughter!! aww it was really awesome! I know she had a good feeling and I hope she will continue to come! Also Sunday night a referral we received from seoul texted us and said she wanted to meet! so we met her and she has a lot of gospel interest and said she wants to attend church next week! So I'm pretty excited for that. I don't have a lot of time for email this week but i'm sure this next week will be pretty crazy! Thank you for all your love and support!

Sister Hurley<3

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