Monday, September 14, 2015


This is a week I will remember for the rest of my entire life. I was able to be there to support Sister Goyumin as she entered the waters of baptism. It was probably by the far the most special day of my entire mission to date. The ceremony was absolutely perfect. I am beyond grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to take part in helping her prepare for the ordinance of baptism. She is by far the most prepared person I have ever met. I met Sister Go for the first time back in may when I was serving with sister Broyles. At that time, she was mostly english interest and said that she never would have thought that she would get baptized. As we met with her weekly and taught her the lessons and as she felt the spirit when she attended church, she realized that there was something different about our church. A feeling that she hasn't been able to find anywhere else. On Sunday September 13 she was able to be baptized and it was so special. The spirit was so strong especially as she bore testimony of how she came to know that our church was true. I know that baptism is the gate that starts the path that leads us back to our Heavenly Father. I have gained a greater testimony of the meaning and need for baptism as I have been able to teach Sister Go. This week I have just felt so much reflection and gratitude to my Father in Heaven for allowing me to me a part of this work. As I watch others change their lives, I know it is changing mine even more. Everyday I gain an even greater appreciation for the gospel in my life and the work that I am able to be a part of here in Korea. Oh how I can't imagine my life without a mission! I can't imagine not have meeting the amazing people that I have been able to meet. My testimony strengthens as I watch the strong members here dedicate there whole lives to the church.

Sister Go's baptism was by far the best part of the entire week. But we also had the opportunity to have a mission tour this week where Elder Yamashita from the Quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us. It was such a great meeting and it was definitely inspired. I felt the spirit strong and felt guided to know what I need to do to be a better missionary. I was also able to see some past companions like Sister Thornley and Sister Parkjinyoung which was a lot of fun! Other than mission tour we also were able to meet a few members this week and share some messages with them. Teaching lessons/sharing messages has been one of the hardest but best parts of my entire mission. I really love teaching with Sister Kim. I love the spirit that I feel as I listen to her teach and I love feeling the spirit guiding my own words. Something we constantly have to work to be worthy of.

One thing that I have really loved about my new area is how many Book of Mormons we have been able to pass out. We have a sticker board that asks "Have you ever wondered about these questions?" and the questions include "Is God real?" "Does God know me?" "How can I have a close happy family?' and "how can a belief in Jesus Christ help me?" We bring the board down town and we ask ever person that passes if they will stick a sticker on the board. We ask them what question they have wondered most about. Then we explain who we are and that we have found answers to these questions through the Book of Mormon and we share a short passage from the Book of Mormon that answers their specific question. We get all sorts of responses but for the most part people are happy to receive a free book that answers questions of the soul. It has been fun being able to testify about the Book of Mormon to so many different people in a little time.

Funny story of the week:
I played the piano for the opening hymn in english class.. okay that's not the funny story of the week. but that was pretty funny too. It was only the right hand but I only made a couple mistakes okay? It's nice to know that although I quit piano at a young age (so I could play sports:)) that I didn't completely forget how to play. haha... anyway okay the other funny story of the week:

As Sister Kim and I were sticker boarding with the Elders I saw a young man who was wearing a sweatshirt that I really like. It spelled out different countries in the world but half was in english and the other half was in Korean. So I asked him where He bought it and before he could answer his friends immediately started trying to take it off him and yelling "give it to her!!" ahhhh it was so funny. thankfully his friends didn't succeed and He didn't have to give me his sweatshirt....but it was pretty funny:)

Well It was an absolutely amazing week and I could be happier! I love Korea and I love this work.

and I love all you!

Sister Hurley<3

the elders: elder Lee and Elder Wright

do you like our aprons?

did I mention that I colored MY hair this week too?
I'm trying to fit in with the Korean. hehe

my companion colored her hair blonde so she could be just like me!


Sister Goyumin's baptism<3

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