Monday, May 4, 2015

taekwondo (태권도)

What a week! ahh. yeah.... what a week. I don't have much time to tell about it so here is the 3 minute version:

-Did taekwondo with our investigator's husband (who earlier that day told our investigator that the Presbyterian church was probably the most correct one) so that was fun:) broke some barriers with him. I started a white belt and ended a black!! just kidding... i'm still a white

-we found 3 new investigators this week! wait no. let me rephrase that... 3 new investigators found US this week! Let me just say recently God is bringing those prepared to hear the gospel to US. we don't really do much. seriously we are simply a tool in his hand to bring about this work. one came from a less active who gave us a referral! another came from headquarters and I found out later that my girl SISTER DAYLEY found her! (mtc companion!) and I really feel she is so prepared to hear the gospel! The first time we met she said she has a few mormon friends who said she should join our church so she can study in America for cheap.. hahaha....hopefully we can help change her intentions and soften her heart with our messages.

But yeah... really no time this week... I gotta go catch a train back to my area so I can get there on time! Know that it really was a good week and sister Broyles and I are getting worried that our schedule is getting too full for new people haha but I take that as a good thing. we are busier than ever here and happy too:) a working missionary is a happy one.

Know that I love you all! I will skype in a week and can tell you more!

Sister Hurley

A pic of my old district (except the zone leaders cuz they had a different meeting)
me and sister Kang (my companion from 3rd transfer! we got to spend another transfer together
being in the same district and it was really fun:)) and I can speak to her a lot better than
I could when I was follow up training too so yay. haha

a couple pics of a place called tae-hwa-roo in our area. a member took us with her non-member
friend! super fun!

A pic of our investigators dog who always makes a really scary face...especially when I'm about
to leave because he loves me (okay...he does it when everyone leaves... not just me)

Some members! I'm feeling super grateful for the branch I am able to serve in right now!

This is one of the members, kim-sae-hyeon! She served a mission in seoul a few years ago and it has
been so fun working with her! she has helped us so much with the work!

Making a free english poster! (cuz sadly most investigators in Korea come from
wanting to learn english!)

FOOD (I dunno what I'm gonna do when I get home... no kimchee:( )

a beautiful view from the top of city hall where have held a lot of appointments recently!

cool scenery from the top of city hall

Celebrating Sister Broyles "1 year being on a mission" mark!

My new district after district meeting eating chinese

The cute planner i'm using right now that my last companion sister Park made! In our mission,
making planners look cool is kinda a really big deal! Some missionaries go all out!

and then there is a picture of us crashing a 1 year olds birthday party..

I made a scripture case for the lil scriptures mom sent me! I love how light the
smaller scriptures are and I can bring them places so easily!

Our cute investigator took us to the beach this past week. I gotta say that teaching lessons
on the beach is pretty fun.

more of the beach! and my companion being a model...
seaweed... yes. they take this stuff out of the ocean and dry it out... and then we eat it.
and it tast delcious. don't ask me why. it's in a lot of foods.

One of my favorite desserts in korea.

That yellow stuff on the ground is one reason Koreans don't like china very much cuz the rain
we get here comes from china and apparently it's really polluted there so Koreans think that when
it rains, if you don't have an umbrella you will go bald because the rain is super dirty.
at first I though that was funny...but now I believe it haha.
but the yellow stuff comes after everytime it rains!

a pic of the man we found a couple weeks ago on the street who wanted to meet us.
he is giving Elder Kim a you can see.

and then some koreans having an arm wrestle

the kid won......

we did tae-kwon-doe this week.. I have no idea how to spell it in english.
sadly I didn't get past the white belt...

Our investigator is the one in the middle with the black belt... she's so cool! Her name is Sister Park.
She is the one who showed up the english class and said she was curious as to what we
believe so we do family english program in her home twice a week now!

our investigators daughter too. soo cute<3

and some food. a lot of korean food has bones on it when they serve it.
something I have had to get used to! I like it now!

My cute companion and Me waiting at a bus stop.... no one around....

A chinese family that we met last night... lets just say communicating was a little challenging!
I didn't know I needed to learn chinese too! haha I'll talk more about it in my big letter.

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