Monday, April 27, 2015

Families Are Forever

Well it was another great week of missionary work here in Korea. My cute companion hit her year mark of her mission so we celebrated by buying some of the best strawberry milkshakes I have ever had! Crazy to think that I will hit my year mark in just 5 short week. Transfers seem to go by faster and faster. I got permission to get on and email a little earlier today because we had a lunch appointment with a potential investigator!

Hearing about Grandma Hurley passing away this past week broke my heart and was so sad to hear.... but I feel so much peace that she is so much happier and free of pain now. My testimony of Eternal Families has grown so much on my mission especially through this experience as I have studied eternal families more in depth. I'm so grateful for the example grandma set in my life and for the strong faith she had. she will always be remembered for the good she did and the love she gave. How blessed we have been to have her in my life and to have known such an incredibly strong woman. Although she is physically gone from Earth at this time, I feel her closer to me than I ever have. I truly feel her strength and support pushing me to go forward in this work. I have an extra urge to give EVERYTHING that I am and have to this work so that I can make her happy and proud. Momma Hurley sent me this quote: "Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us everyday...unseen, unheard, but always near. still loved, still missed and very dear." I know that this is true. I'm so happy that she is reunited with her family and friends and is so much happier now. I know that death isn't the end and that she has a lot of good work she needs to do in Heaven.

My poor companion was sick for a couple of days this week but we still had a successful week of missionary work and we were able to see miracles! One happened about 5 minutes after we prayed that we would be able to find those prepared to hear the gospel. We were on our way to the church when we hear an older man maybe in his 50's looking at us and say "HELLO!" in english... the first thought we had was we could invite him to our english class but then he walked up to us, knew that we were missionaries, and told us that he had gone to hawaii a lot... and that he has a mormon friend there! He told us to give him our number because he wanted to meet! he made sure we received his number too. And then the next day HE CALLED and said "lets meet today at 2!" So we called the elders (cuz we can't meet him alone) and we met him at 2. He bought us some soda and then said "please speak. tell me about your church" haha so we all got really excited and began to teach him the restoration and talk about the Book of Mormon. and bear testimony. and if we ever stopped talking for a second he would say "continue! please keep talking". So we taught, and we testified and told Him what he needed to do to know it was true and he said "Well sound like I need to pray and read about this book!" after we closed the meeting with a prayer, we left him on the 14th floor of city hall (where we met) reading the Book of Mormon. Later when we passed the same building that day Sister Broyles and I hoped that he was still up there reading:) ALL DAY. This was probably the biggest miracle of the week! Not often do we get to experience things like this happen so when they do... it's kinda.. well.. the best. I know that this man was prepared to hear our message at that time. I'm so grateful God is leading us to find those prepared or in this case leading those prepared to us! haha
Sister Broyles and I had the spiritual message for english class this week and we decided to share a mormon message about "the most important things". We began by asking the class (about 15 people) what is important to them. Some said english, work, family, school, etc.. Then we asked them what is "MOST IMPORTANT" to them. happily most said family:) We watched a video about the most important things almost always include the people around us. President Monson said, "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." I love this quote so much! It is so important to show those around us that we love them. at the end of our message everyone started clapping... haha. we just kinda awkwardly didn't know what to do but we were happy that they enjoyed it haha.

Recently I have been studying the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon. I've been reading them alongside the book of mormon manual so I can understand them better. I read 2 Nephi 16. vs 9-12 that talks a little about Isaiah's mission. He was commissioned to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ even thought the people were "hard of hearing" and failed to "see" the truth of the gospel. He was advised that his preaching to a wayward people would generally not be received. Their hearts would "fatten" against the truth and their ears would be "heavy" not willing to accept the gospel as preached in clarity. In response the Isaiah's question of "how long" The Lord answered that the people should have the opportunity to accept the gospel until the land be utterly desolate (see Moroni 7:36) Sometimes on my mission... I feel like this. Many people we teach have closed hearts when we share our message. Despite the hard work we do everyday, it is often difficult to see the success of our labors. But I know that God has called me to serve here in Korea for a reason. He has shown me many tender mercies to help me push through each day! I know that my work doesn't go unnoticed by Him. I know I will forever be grateful for this missionary experience he has given me. My Personal testimony of the Book of Mormon and My Savior Jesus Christ has grown immensely. EVERYONE. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY. It's true. it will change your life.

On another note.....
Funny Moments of the Week:
During English class, I was in charge of teaching the basic class (the lowest level) and a student randomly told me (in Korean) that my hair was pretty. So I decided that this was a good teaching opportunity:) I taught her how to say that in English by saying "Sister Hurley's hair is pretty" I wrote it on the board and then everyone in my class started saying it. I had them all practice saying it at the same time and it was so funny!! The other groups looked over and could hear them and thought it was funny that I was teaching that to them. People don't appreciate blonde hair in the states like they do in Korea. haha:)

Other funny moment of the week included crashing a 1 year olds birthday party! These are a HUGE deal in Korea.We didn't really know the family who was having the party because they were an old member of our branch who is now living in a different area so the missionaries didn't really feel invited to go but a member in our branch called us and said she wouldn't be able to go so she asked if we could drop her gift off at the party. So we took her gift to the restaurant called "the party" and gave them the gift and then started to leave but everyone started yelling at us "sit down and eat!" but it was a 45 dollar person buffet so we felt bad staying... we kept trying to tell them that we were okay...but they wouldn't let us leave... so.. well... a half hour later. I was really full.

That's about it! I love you all so much and hope you have the best week of your life!
Sister Hurley


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    1. Sorry, I'm on it today! Stay tuned!