Monday, April 13, 2015

연차 대회

This past week consisted of interviews with president, zone meeting, womens conference, general conference, finding new investigators, and seeing miracles so I'd say it was a spectactular week:)
But really. this week was soo good! I feel like I say that every week... maybe just cuz it's SO true! I love being a missionary. First off, I gotta give a shoutout to general conference which was one of the biggest highlights of the week! I am so grateful we have a living prophet that can lead and guide us today. This year as I went into conference with the questions I had written I decided to take notes a little differently than normal. Rather than writing down what the speaker says that I like, I decided to pay closer attention to what the spirit was telling me through my thoughts and feelings and write the things that come to mind down. What a life changing experience I had! I usually walk away from conference with a few favorite talks and a couple that were hard to get through but this time I could honestly say that I loved every single talk so much. As I listened to what the spirit was teaching me rather than the speaker himself, I received revelation for what I need to do personally. I felt so much gratitude during conference for the guidance and direction I received. I know that everyone can receive the same direction. I invite everyone to watch and rewatch conference! It's really the best and we are so blessed to have a living prophets and apostles called of God who receive revelation for what we need to be doing NOW.
Other highlights of the week include:
-Traveling to bangeojin ( my first area) to watch womens conference with some other sister missionaries. While there, I was able to meet up with a less-active and her kids that I had taught while I served there! How happy I was to be able to see her again<3 how blessed I am to live to close to my first area!!

-Heres a story you don't hear everyday:

met a lady on the street and had a conversation that went a little like this:
me: hi
lady: hi
me: recently the weather has been so cold right?
lady: yeah! *sees our nametags*
lady: oh are you missionaries? I attend a church but I'm looking for a new one. give me your card. I will call and we can meet sometime!
so yeah. that happened. all I had to do was say hi. I didn't know missionary work could be that easy.
-doing planks with the mission presidents wife while waiting for my companion in interviews
-having a member of our english class ask about our church and the book of mormon so we are now starting to meet her family twice a week and doing the family english program! (30 min english 30 min spiritual message) yay english class.
-making an appointment with Stacy for this coming week! (investiagtor from my first area who lives in my area now)
Funny moments of the week:
proselyting at a bus stop and having almost everyones attention at once (about 10 people)
Not so funny moments of the week:
All the phones in the mission stopped working from friday until we can receive calls and texts but we can't text or call anyone! so it makes making appointments a little more challenging but it should be fixed soon hopefully!
quote of the week is from sister Broyles: "I'm glad I like you enough to let you give me a massage"
hahaha i'm glad she does too.
so yeah! It was a great week. this week is transfer calls and I'm not really sure how I feel about that. kind hoping things stay just how they are but i'm not in charge;) it will be interesting to see what happens! I love you all and hope you had a great week! oh and watch this video cuz it will make your day:
if that doesn't's the "Because He Lives" video on! it's soo good. I Know Christ lives and that because of Him we can overcome any hardship of this life and find true happiness.
Love Sister Hurley

we weird.

We saw some protestors so we took a pic :)

A police bus..

A less active I taught in my first area and saw last week!

I'm with Sister Nelsen and Sister Kang!

face masks are a big thing in Korea!

Most Koreans have such perfect skin! No Acne! sooo jealous


Eating with a member

more food

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