Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!


I need to catch up on last week a little bit. Here are a couple highlights that I missed:

One day while walking to a bus stop and old man who loves americans stopped us on the street he insisted that we come to his home... we kindly rejected. but then he grabbed our hand and attempted to pull us towards him. we told him we had an appointment so we couldn't (which was true...) and so we continued to walk to the bus stop where he followed us and pulled out his flip phone and insisted we take a picture of ourselves for his phone. sister broyles took one of him rather than himself but he was so old he couldn't really tell the difference and he seemed pleased. the best part was when he started singing to us. really loud. and everyone was staring...I'm pretty sure he wasn't drunk...maybe just a little crazy. but eventually the man left and immediatly another man came over to us to make sure we knew that "not all koreans are like that and that there are a lot of good koreans in korea" haha

also this week I ran into the dog man from bangeojin who kissed sister Bonney's hand and wanted to buy us shoes! apparently he works in the area I am serving in now! he insisted I take he number and said I could "call him ANYTIME" but I'm just gonna refer him to the elders.

Other highlight included getting invited by the cutest elderly couple to eat dinner. When we shared the message Sister Broyles and I decided to try a new idea that we found in one of the books mom sent me. We started the message talking about missionary work and asking about their conversion story. they were both baptized in 1988 then the husband went inactive for like 8 years and then he became reactivated and became the branch president! such a cool story! But the cool part was when we did an activity with them where we had them write down all the nonmembers they knew. we gave them about 5 minutes and told them it wasn't a trap and they didn't need to give them all to us as referrals. After we had them write the lists we explained that not all of these people that they know are prepared to accept the gospel but that God knows who is prepared and who they can invite. so we knelt down together and I offered a prayer that they could be guided to know whom they can invite to hear the gospel. the spirit was so strong and I felt so much love for this sweet couple. at the end of the prayer. they looked at the list they had a made a plan for who they felt was ready and what they were going to do help introduce them to receive the gospel. It was a really cool experience. The spirit was SO STRONG.

Highlights of THIS week:

W got invited to a members house to eat lunch and I ate a silk worm larva...It's a BUG. but it's cooked. and most koreans don't even like it. but it's tradition... I wouldn't recommend it to anyone... but now I can say I ate a bug.

We had a branch easter party where sister Broyles and I were in charge of face painting kids faces and making crafts! The activity turned out really well!

Sunday was Easter and Sister Broyles and I were able to attend the english sunday school that our branch has which was incredible. Brother Priedman gave a lesson on the resurrection which went so well and I felt the spirit testify to me that it was real. I'm so grateful to Christ for all that he did that allows me to live the life that I have. It was so refreshing to hear a lesson in English:)

Also I fasted yesterday that we could find new investigators because our most progressing one has been in the hospital recently and we haven't been able to meet her:( but last night we were able to eat with a member an her family whose daughter and husband aren't members and we are now planning to meet them weekly to answer their questions and share a message. Her husband asked some really deep questions like "Didn't God create Satan?" We did our best to follow the spirit in answering his questions and testify of what we knew to be true. There is such a special spirit about this family and while I was there I felt they were missing one thing to connect them all together and that is the gospel. The mother (member) helped so much with our lesson as she shared experiences as to how God has answered her prayers<3

I ran into STACY this past week. an investigator I had in my first area! apparently she lives in the same area as me now... so I gave her our contact information and hopefully we can meet her soon! I'm just running into all sorts of people from my first area:) its SO fun!

That's about it for the week! Things are going well! Hope you all are having a great Easter season and hope you all enjoyed conference. I'm looking forward to watching it this weekend. It's like the super bowl for missionaries. Love you all so much!

Sister Hurley

our investigators dog... I think she likes me.

there is a place called burger mugger that we went to... and the hamburger I ate was
the best burger I have ever ate in my life. It could just be because
I haven't had a good hamburger in while...but I was in heaven. SOO GOOD.

Christopher, I found MELON SODA!! The greatest thing EVERRRRR.
but really. i'm in love.

Happy Easter!

We were in charge of crafts and face painting at the branch picnic!

Korean Food! One of my favorite meals.

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