Monday, April 20, 2015


First off birthday shoutout to Matthew, Whitney, and Christopher!! hope you had a great birthday and happy you received my lil gift. sounds like you celebrated your birthdays the right way by going to Asian star! yay Asia:)
Thursday night we waited anxiously to see if we would receive a call and...dun dun dun..... NO CALL!!! which means that Sister Broyles and I will be staying together for another transfer and i couldn't be more excited!  Besides training, we both have had a new companion every transfer on our missions so we are excited to be able to stick in the same are with the same companion for once:) we are excited to see what this transfer has in store!
Highlights of the week!
This past week we were able to have 3 member present lessons! and they were all with the same member. This member is so incredible and so excited about missionary work. sadly she lives in switzerland and is only here for a couple more weeks... (she has been here for a couple months now) but she wants to do all the missionary work that she can with us while she is here! it has been pretty fun working with her and she even introduced us to one of her friends so we were able to teach her this past week!
we got invited to eat with the american family that lives in our branch and they served us CHICKEN ENCHILLADAS! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE IVE ATE CHICKEN ENCHILLADAS???? too long. and they gave us leftovers too so we at them for the next two days:) ahh. spoiled missionaries. We shared Luke 9:23-25 with them and had a really great discussion about what it means to lose yourself and what we can gain from following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. super fun being able to teach in ENGLISH!!
We met a long time investigator whom I had never taught before but sadly she came into the lesson trying to do everything she could to prove the BOM "had not good content" and that "it doesn't talk much about Christ or Heaven" It was so sad to watch her speak so badly about my most cherished beliefs. Sister Broyles and I did our best to bear testomny that we knew  the Book of Mormon was true and that she could know it too if she read it and prayed about it (which she hasn't done) We felt at the end that we needed to drop her because her heart is not yet open to hearing our message.
met a less-active this past week and then she CAME TO CHURCH! with her husband too (non-member) so that pretty much made our week! we are going to continue to work with her!
It has been a good week and I wish i had more time to tell you more! momma and daddy I just sent you a letter in the mail so keep a look out for that! I love you all so much! I know that this work is true. I Know that the Book of Mormon is God's word! Everyday my love for that book grows more and more! I know that God loves us so much and wants us to turn to Him for help and guidance in our everyday lives!
Have the best week of your life!
Sister Hurley

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