Monday, March 30, 2015

bangeojin, baptism, birthday...

I don't really know how to properly express how incredible this past week has been....

First I want to thank everyone for the cute birthday wishes! Fun how the only birthday I have as a missionary fell on pday! Today has been a really great day! It consisted of riding bikes through a bamboo forrest with some other missionaries and then going to a sushi buffet. and I'm in Korea. and I'm a missionary. so how much better could it get? It's been a really fun day!

Highlights of the Week:
Like I mentioned in an earlier letter I am serving in an area pretty close to my first area and we go there sometimes for district meetings. Well...  this last week I received special permission from president to be able to stay in Bangeojin (my first area) after district meeting to meet up with my recent convert sister Kim! So last Wednesday I was able to see her for about an hour after our district meeting<3 I felt so happy to see how well she is doing. Sister Broyles and I were able to teach her a short lesson. What an incredible experience it was to be able to see her again when I never though I would! (It has been about 5 months) A day I will never forget.

Another highlight of the week included being able to attend Sister Kwon's Baptism in Jinju! She had already been interviewed for baptism while I was serving there but because I was transferred to shinjeoung, I was able to receive permission so go support her on her special day<3 And what a great day it was. I honestly have never seen the gospel change someone as much as it has changed Sister Kwon. She changed her whole life around and now she is happier than she has ever been. I'm incredibly blessed for the opportunity I had to teach her and witness her taking the steps back to Heavenly Father. What an beautiful day it was. God is oh so good. 

Time for the funny moment of the week.

One night we were coming home from a long day and it was about 8:55 as we were walking about the stairs to the 3rd floor where our apartment is. We are the only apartment on the 3rd floor and the 2nd floor is like the apartments office. But as we reached the 3rd floor we hear someone running up the stairs and pretty soon we saw a maybe 25 year old man standing outside our door as we were opening the door... and he proceeds to say in somewhat broken english "I'm sorry... (looking at me) but... are you... solo?" (trying to ask if i'm single)... "can I..have your number??" to be honest... I kinda just completely froze. haha. I didn't really know what to say. I was in complete shock as to what was going on. but my lovely companion Sister Broyles started to tell him that we are missionaries so we can't date.. and he just stood there and then said "oh...well I think your pretty" and then sister Broyles said "have a good night!" and we walked in the door..hahahaha. It probably took so much courage for that poor boy to run up the stairs after us to ask for our number...should have given him the elders contact information!:) But it was seriously a matter of about 15 seconds total so we didn't think that fast! 

This week we got another elder added to our branch so we officially have the most missionaries in one branch in our mission with 7 missionaries! 5 elders and us two sisters!

It was a really great week! I love being a missionary! Time is flying way to fast!

Sister Hurley


Birthday Fun!

my cute companion.
Probably the best one...
Don't judge. It's my birthday! I'm 20!

Reuniting with old members :)

Baptism :)


Birthday Package!

Seeing Sister Kim again (recent convert)! (on back left)

Cool Art.

A less active we are teaching, Sister Kim.

Sister Kwon's Baptism!

yay pday fun!

Reuniting with Members!

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