Monday, March 16, 2015

First week in Sinjeong!

I think the only phrase that can really describe this past week was "what just happened?" SOOO many crazy things happened and I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

First of all I will tell you a little about our branch! Our branch here has about 80 active members which is bigger than anywhere I have served! Also there is an american family in our branch! They are the Priedman Family and are from Texas but have lived in Korea for the past 3 years for the fathers work! It has been so fun/ a little weird seeing other Americans each week at church!

Honestly...I don't really know how to describe all that happened this last week but I will do my best!

Last Tuesday we had plans to meet an investigator. Before we met, I decided to read her record and noticed that last year in September the sisters in Bangeojin had found her and introduced her to the family English Program! I realized that that was during the time I was serving in Bangeojin! I was one of those Sisters that originally met her on the street! Sister Bonney and I found her but she was out of our area so we referred her to the shinjeoung sisters and they have been teaching her since!

When I met her on Tuesday, She had recognized my blonde hair and got excited that I was the first one who originally approached her on the street. I immediately felt that she was one of the reasons I was sent to serve in Shinjeoung at this time. We had a really great lesson and I felt we really connected. God has a really funny way of working sometimes:) She is our most progressing investigator right now. She is studying the book of mormon... BUT as of right now... she believes in God, Christ, AND Buddha... so that makes things a little challenging haha but I know God has a plan for her!

This past week I just really felt at home here in shinjeoung. Also this this week I reached my half mission point. so crazy I can hardly believe it... actually really sad..... Each day just goes quicker and quicker and I find myself wanting to just hold onto each moment the best I can. 

Some fun news about being so close to my first area is that Sister Kang (my companion from 3rd transfer) is in my district! So I see her once a week at district meeting! When we go to bangeojin for district meeting i'm hoping to meet up with my recent convert from my first area! I called her this past week and she was excited to hear I was so close! It was such a tender mercy to be able to talk to her. I was able to hold the entire conversation in Korean with her which was something I wasn't able to do during training when I first met her. It made me really reflect on how much I have progressed in the language. God is good.

Sister Broyles and I titled last Wednesday "Hospital day"! we visited 3 people in hospitals. a potential investigator, a member, and a less actives mother! It is fun to meet people in hospitals because they really enjoy the extra company.

Well.... it's been a while since I've set awkward moments home and Whitney asked for her you go! 

That awkward moment when we are proselyting with the elders and one of them says to me, "Sister Hurley you must have been a riot at stake dances" HAHAHA so yeah that happened...don't worry I honestly informed him that I WAS! haha:)

Also that awkward moment when this lady this past week walks up to us and sees our badges and gives us her number and tells us that she WANTS to meet us (this moment was only awkward because this NEVER happens so we almost didn't know how to respond... we were a little concerned she was like a bible basher...) so we met with her the next day and she took us to her office and was trying to sell us a product that apparently cures everything from a pimple to Parkinson disease and cancer...... yeah awkward. She definitely didn't want to meet us for the right reasons...haha but atleast she wasn't a bible basher right? We taught her how to pray and then left... :)

Some people say that their mission was the time in their life that they really found what they were passionate about. This last week I was able to figure out what NOT to do...haha So note to future me: DONT become a synchronized swimmer. This past week we had an annual relief society meeting where my relief society put together a synchronized swimming routine!! hahaha. I honestly felt SO AWKWARD. we had to do all of these jumps and twists and turns while wearing our dresses...haha. It was a great way for me to meet the relief society in our branch though! what a fun group of ladies! (I don't think they do routines like that for the annual relief society meeting in america right?) But also at the meeting I was able to see some members from my first area which was really awesome!

Anyways... I'm out of time! gotta go! Have the best week ever! I loved this work and know I am where I need to be! Love you all!!

Sister Hurley

PS: Today I went to Costco and was SO HAPPY! I felt like I was back in america. I saw some food that I had not seen in a really long time!

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