Monday, March 9, 2015

Transfer Call Week - Craziness!

First of all, Grandma it was so great to see your beautiful face this week on skype! I was so blessed to have that opportunity! I hope you know how much I love you and look up to you!

Also Whitney congrats on the BOY! soo fun and I am SOO EXCITED to meet him when I get home. All boy grandchildren in the family.. haha. love it! may all be wondering what happened this week with transfers! Well When I didn't receive a call by 10:10pm I thought I was safe and would be able to stay one more transfer with Sister Park in Jinju/Sacheon. We started celebrating and making a bucket list of things we wanted to accomplish in the next transfer but we spoke too soon because at 10:14 I received a call from the APs. I didn't want to answer it. The AP on the phone soon told me that I would be getting transferred to Sinjeoung with Sister Broyles! So i'm going back to my first zone. Sister Broyles is one transfer a head of me and I met her in the MTC. I'm so happy to be serving with sister Broyles but so sad to be leaving Jinju and Sister Park! She has impacted my life so much for the better. I will forever be grateful for the one transfer we were able to spend together<3 The next day I felt a sense of peace feeling as though I had done what I needed to in Jinju. I really felt I was able to leave the area stronger than it was when I found it so I was happy for that. It was so sad saying goodbye to all the members and our investigators. Our investigator with a baptismal date was able to attend stake conference this past week and absolutely loved it. After stake conference we ate together as a ward and I was able to give my farewell testimony. As I sat there talking with individual members I couldn't help but be completely grateful I have been able to serve in these areas and meet these incredible people. The sacheon branch is the closest thing to a family. running two areas has been tough.. really challenging. but I don't know what I would do if i wasn't able to meet some of these amazing people. Some people I will never want to forget. I'm going to try and get permission to attend her baptism in 2 weeks.

This last week I was able to attend MLCM in Busan (the meeting for sister training leaders and zone leaders). I want to leave you with a few things I learned:

First of all read 3 Nephi 13:31-34
One AP talked about the importance of living in the present. That there is no need to stress for the future. He said everyday you need to serve for that day. to not worry about tomorrow. We must be careful with the phrase "Someday I will."

Also a quick quote I read this week that I loved : "for you members of the church who hold back because of feeling of inadequacy, I plead with you to step forward, put your shoulder to the wheel, and push. Even when you feel that your strength can add little. the church needs you. the Lord needs you. Remember that the Lord often chooses "the weak things of the world to accomplish His purposes"

Anyway I love you all and hope you are doing so well! next week I hit my half way mark and I'm a little freaked out. This mission thing is going way too fast! I love this work!

Sister Hurley
Was invited to a members house for dinner and games my last day. Love them.

Cuties.. Love them... the sweetest little girls

Some ward members!

Some members and Sister Kwon, our investigator! (She is in the gray coat, red hair)

My last day with the Jinju Ward :(

Sister Hophman and I!

Bought some cute paper for notes!

Saying Goodbye :(

Our Bishop!

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