Monday, March 23, 2015


Another really great week of missionary work! 20 people got baptized! okay okay maybe that didn't happen.. well atleast in my area but it was still a really great week of missionary work! We walked a lot and taught lessons and was filled with the spirit.  Recently I have been feeling so comfortable living here in Korea and more comfortable speaking to the Korean people and just completely happy to be where I am at and see where I am going. I have come a long ways since I initially opened my call last January and went into complete shock... haha I know people still get a kick out of watching that video...:) If you ever need a good laugh...go watch it. I was full of so many fears about the language and living in a different country and being away from my family... but I've learned as a missionary as we turn ourselves completely over to the Lord and give him everything, not just our might and energy. but our heart and minds too. As we do this, he lifts every worry, every doubt, every fear off of our shoulders and helps us overcome every trial. Faith is the only wise way to face our fears. I know that this work that I'm doing is true. I recently read the talk "The fourth Missionary" and it has helped give me a vision of the kind of missionary I can become as I give everything to the Lord. I know there are plenty of people who may see what I'm doing as "naive" or "brain washed" but I know that it's not. As I open up the Book of Mormon everyday, I am reminded why I am here. I know that that book is true. I know that it is a gift God has given us because he loves us. I have learned there is absolutely no way I can repay my Heavenly Father for all he has given me. I will always be indebted to Him. But I know He is grateful for the work I am doing no matter how small or big of an impact it is. He knows I am doing my best every day. I'm grateful I can be here as a missionary. Korea is my holy place.
I love you all so much!
oh also.. the theme for this transfer in my zone is "how can I be a happy and faithful misisonary" and we have to answer these questions everyday. I think they are good questions for everyone even if your not a missionary:)
1.Did I serve with a thankful heart today?
2. Did I make someone smile today?
3. Did I give a compliment to somebody today?
4. Did I focus on this day rather than regretting my past wrongdoings or worrying about my future?
5. Did I try to improve a Christlike attribute today?
6 Am I happy right now?
Sister Hurley

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