Monday, July 13, 2015


The title of this letter is 몰몬경 because that means Book of Mormon in Korean which is what this week was all about! It was another really great week serving my incredibly merciful Heavnly Father<3 I just like to start again by saying how grateful I am for the experiences I am having.

This last week we were able to have lunch with a sweet member of ours who is in her 60's (Sister Kimdoknam). As we prayed about what message we should share with her, Sister Thornley and I were lead by the spirit to know exactly what she needed to hear. This member has a very strong testimony of the BOM and a very strong love for our Father in Heaven. in fact she spent 2 years of her life reading and then writing the entire Book of Mormon! She has like 5 huge notebooks of when she had written everysingle verse in the Book of Mormon. It was incredible. She said that it really helped her to focus on every single word individually and what they mean. She mentioned that it definitely wasn't an easy task, but that it was completely worth it has her testimony of the Book of Mormon grew so much. As we talked with her over lunch, she talked about the many blessing she has seen since she has joined the church. ( Her and her husband both joined the church in 1979. They used to both be buddhist) As she spoke you could tell that her love for her Heavenly Father was real and that she truly knows that He lives. For the message we decided to sing the song "because I have been given much, I too must give" She was smiling through the whole song because she absolutely loves singing. (She is in a choir and decided to sing us a couple of her choir songs during lunch too:) so fun!) We shared Jacob 2:17-19 with her which talks about sharing the blessing that we have with others. This scripture hit her so deeply. She looked at us and said that she has a goal to find an investigator for the missionaries by the end of the year but that she isn't seeing anyone around her right now that she feels is ready for the lessons. She then went on to tell us that this was the exact message that she needed to hear. She told us that she has a friend who is has an illness where she forgets a lot of things. The member said that she often feels prompting that she needs to go visit her but that it is sometimes so hard so she doesn't do it. She said that she felt that Heavenly Father sent His angels (us) to bring her the message that she needed to hear so that she would go and visit that friend of hers that needs help at this time. Sister Thornley and I felt so happy after leaving her house and felt that we were really able to be an instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands to bless His children. I'm so grateful for this sweet members testimony and that it was able to strengthen my own. I know the Gods loves us so much and wants us to share the blessings we have with those around us.

Yesterday Sister Thornley and I traveled to Busan for transfer meeting! Neither of us is transfering but we had to go to the meeting because we had a half-training meeting afterwards. I can't believe Sister Thornley and I have already been together for 6 weeks! happy we have another 6 weeks together!:) The sad part is that I'm starting to feel that I only have 6 weeks left in shinjung! It makes me so sad to even think that because I have absolutely loved this area with all my heart. I know I need to work hard until the end. During transfer meeting, president issues a challenge to all the missionaries... dun dun dun. Read the entire Book of Mormon. cover to cover. in this next transfer. 6 weeks.  15-16 pages a day! IM SO EXCITED. I have never read the entire Book of Mormon in that short of a time so I am up for the challenge.

Yesterday during transfer meeting, a certain elder shared a scripture that really stood out to me. Matthew 6:4 "That thine elms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly" Made me think about the good works that we do each day as we strive to follow Christ's example and how we don't need to let these works be known to everyone. God sees all the good works that we do just perfectly and he will reward us for them.

Well it has been a great week! God is real and the Book of Mormon is true. if you've forgotten this, read your scriptures and pray everyday. I promise you will come to know that God lives and that He has restored the true church upon the earth today. It is more important than anything else.

Love you all more than Koreans love being white!

<3Sister Hurley

The Elders with a member!

Family Home Evening!

one of my favorite quotes ever!!!!<33333

Old pic I found!

My old companion and Sister Park and her daughter (investigators)

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