Monday, July 27, 2015

This week was HOT.

The weather has been so HOT and HUMID recently sometimes I feel like i'm going to pass out while we are walking... haha but somehow i always have the strength to keep going. I still love Korea even though it's summers are deadly.

This week was a little sad because we had to give one of our investigators to another set of sisters! We have been teaching an investigator who lives in a different area about an hour away because that area hasn't had sister missionaries for almost a year now but last week sisters whitewashed into the area! I'm sure they were happy to have an automatic investigator haha:) i will definitely miss teaching Sister Kangyeoungmi but I trust that the new sisters are exactly who she needs to be taught from at this time.

On wednesday I was able to go on exchanges to a place called pohang! i went with a korean sister name sister Ha. We had a really fun time. I am always able to learn so much from the other sisters in the mission! Recently i have been thinking a lot about the spirit and how we need to put our trust in the spirit rather than ourselves when we teach lessons. Sometimes on my mission i would get really nervous before teaching a lesson but I have come to learn that there is no need to be nervouse as long as we strive to listen to the promptings of the spirit. We must strive everyday to be worthy so that we can feel the promptings of the spirit!

On friday we were able to meet Sister Pakjihyeon!!!! It has been about a month since we had to stop meeting her because of family matters. but we have been keeping in tough with her and this week she said we could visit her! Ahh I felt so happy when i was able to see her again. she said God has been blessing her a lot. I'm hoping we can start meeting her weekly again.

We saw miracles this week! While doing an english activity on the street with the elders, i stopped a woman on the street who when she realized who we were she got so excited(this never happens...a lot of people run away) but she told me that she met the misisonaries about 30 years ago and that she was baptized. she said she attended church well for a little while but then stopped before she started a family. But she said that at the time she was meeting the missionaries, she was SO HAPPY. We were able to receive her contact information and she said she would love to meet again! ahh yayy:) I know that this is God's work and that he is leading us to those who need our messages at this time.

Also Sister Goyumin came to church again this week. During gospel principles class we talked about baptism and Elder Ha talked about how when he was baptized, he didn't know all the doctrine very well but he will always remember the warm feeling that he felt as he came out of the water. As soon as he said that, Sister Goyumin said "So I don't need to know everything to get baptized?" She has been progressing so well and absolutely loves church! She has become really great friends with a member in our branch. I know that because of her desire to learn about the gospel, her heart is open and the gospel has been able to change her life for the better.

Question of the week.. How can you measure success in the mission field? bapttisms? obviously no.. so how? This is something Sister Thornley and I were able to talk about this week. We talked about how progression is a really good way to measure success. The progression of our investigators and our own personal progression. The person we are becoming and our commitment to help others. Giving up our old selves and the natural man and allowing the atonement into our life so that our natures can be changed. I'm grateful I have learned so much about the person I want to become while serving a misson. I can't imagine my life without it! Best decision I have made in my life.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!<3

Sister Hurley

playing the candybar game for family home evening.
first time they have ever played it!
last day with sister Kang!:( giving her to the new sisters!

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