Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello from Korea!

Hello from Korea! 안녕하세요! It was a really really great week! The Book of Mormon challenge we are doing has been really amazing! no matter how many times you read the Book of Mormon you can always learn new things and feel the spirit so strong. The elders and us worked together this week to create a program for our branch to read the Book of Mormon with us! each family signed up for a section of the book of mormon (having to read about 1 page a day) and by the end of 6 weeks as a branch, we will have read the whole Book of Mormon. When we announced it yesterday a lot of members got really excited for the challenge.

This week we were able to meet our incestigator Sister Pakhyangmi. The first thing she tells us when we get there is that she forgot her Book of Mormon... I was kinda thinking... "oh no... she only cares about english....not our messages" We started by teaching her english as usual but then when the message started we started to ask her a few basic questions to see where she stands about the book of Mormon and it's truthfulness. She said that she knows that the Book of Mormon is God's word and so we asked her if she believed our church to be God's true church established on the earth today and she said yes! and so we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!<3 AHH so happy. I really felt from the moment I met her here in shinjung that I was supposed to meet her and teach her. We have gone through a lot with her as she had to got to the hospital in seoul for 2 1/2 months but now she wants to get baptized. The problem is that she has to go to Seoul on the weekends to teach a workshop class so she has never been able to make it to church:( she knows that inorder for her to be baptized she needs to come to church but she's not sure she wants to sacrifice her dream job. Man why is missionary work so hard? haha Investigators get so close but there is always something they need to sacrifice that shows if they are really willing to take on christ's name. I know that missionary work is never easy because salvation wasn't made to be easy. Hopefully we can get her to see the importance of coming to church. Right now she is planning on getting baptized when her dream job finishes in a year and a half.....THATS A REALLY long TIME!

Kimsurgi is doing really well and has read to 1 nephi 10! She can recognize the spirit so well and I know that she feels the church is true but I don't know if she is willing to leave the church she is already comfortable in!

Also Goyumin is doing so well!!! She prayed at the end of our lesson for the first time this last week and then she came to church on sunday and stayed for the whole 3 hours and she said that she really enjoyed it! she has such a strong desire to learn and I am so grateful that we are able to teach her at this time. She asks really deep questions that are sometimes hard to answer but usually during companionship study before we meet her we think about all the possible questions that she could ask about the BOM reading and we study to find answers. Most the time she asks the exact questions that we talk about the morning of.

Sunday night The elders and us set up a table in front of a department store and loaded it with Book of Mormons and tried to give one to everyone we could see! we were able to teach a lot of lessons and give out a lot of Book of Mormons. The elders we are working with right now are really awesome! They both understand their purpose and work really hard everyday to fulfill it. This last week was a week of a lot of really hard work. Everyday I felt so exausted but I know that when we feel like giving up is when we need to try and work a little harder. I know that it is my love for my Heavenly Father that keeps me going everyday. and I am so grateful for the love that I am able to feel from Him everyday as I serve His children. I know that through the gospel of Jesus christ, everyone can change their life around for the better and prepare to meet God. I know that we all make mistakes and sin but through repentance and the grace of God we can become forgiven and clean inorder to enter His presence again. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to share this knowldege with the people of Korea. Some days are so hard... or well... most of the time it is hard. haha. but I know that it is all worth it because this is the most important work in the world.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Sister Hurley<3

Guess who upgraded to a thicker pad for a bed??

Korean food! so many varieties!

The elders....

Kimsurgi and the missionaries<3

We found the most golden family this week during street contacting!



The Elders! Elder Ha and Elder Smith!

If you do 100 pushups every night you will be able to do this....

playing in a bamboo forrest on PDAY!

My desk... i dunno why I took a picture of this.

My lil Australian Sister Fiso!

hey I can still do a backflip! yayyy

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