Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy 31st anniversary to the best parent in the world!!!

A really great hard-working week! As I continue with our mission Book of Mormon challenge, I am feeling the spirit in more abundance than I ever have in my entire life. I have developed a deeper love for the Book of Mormon and have felt more power and desire to share it with everyone. I have also felt incredibly humbled and more aware of my weakneses. I am grateful everyday for my Savior Jesus Christ who allows me to overcome these weeknesses.

so what happened this week?

-We were able to teach the american family (The Priedmans) in our branch that was so refreshing and so much fun! They have two daughters that live in Korea with them right now, one who is 13, and the other is 15. They are so funny! I always laugh so hard when I am with them. I love their family so much and it has helped me so much having an american family in our Korean branch. they feel like my family away from family. I'm so grateful for the love that they show to us.
-While proselyting, we ran into my branch president from my first area who insisted on buying us ice cream! Koreans are so nice! It was SO hot and humid outside so it felt so good. He seems to be doing really well. It was so fun to see him!
-met with Sister Goyumin and helped her make a hard case for her Book of Mormon. She has been so concerned that it is getting damaged because it doesn't have a case:) haha so cute! We had a fun time making her a case!
-taught a less active name sister Kim who has been inactive for over 10 years now and says she has never had a belief in God. We were able to watch "the hope of God's light" with her and at the end of the lesson, she prayed!
-On the way home from Sister Kim's house, we went to a bread shop to get a little dinner. The owner of the shop saw our name tags and asked a few questions about our church. we were able to teach her a lesson about the Book of Mormon and commit her to read it! She said she wants us to come back every week to check up on her. haha she pretty much made the follow up appointment for us.
-everytime we do the 12 week program for trainers and trainees, we receive personal revelation for the people we are working with. it feels so good.
-I taught everyone in our english class to say "I'm fantastic" when they are asked how they are and it is so cute! Every Korean is taught in school to say "fine, thank you. and you?" so we spiced things up a bit.
-no investigators at church this week:( but we were able to attend sunday school in English! Brother Priedman taught an incredible lesson about teaching our children the gospel. He talked about the importance of teaching more than "the steps" fo all the principles. for example, rather than teaching our kids the steps of how to pray, go to church, read the book of mormon. He talked about the importance of teaching out kids the importance of all these things and why we do them and helping them have spiritual experiences by doing them. I could relate a lot of what he said to our investigators (cuz well... I don' have children..) How important it is to really teach our investigators more than the steps of the gospel. but to teach them how to feel the blessings of the gospel.

Basically it was a really great week with a lot of learning! I'm loving being companions with Sister Thornley! I'm so grateful for her kindness and patience and positive attitude! I learn so much from her.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

<3Sister Courtney Hurley

we got money this past week so we don't have to starve anymore!

I look terrible in this picture... but this last week I held a SLOTH!!!!! haha so fun.

we helped out investigator make a case for her Book of Mormon this week:) isn't she so cute?
Her name is Sister Goyumin. She wanted to protect her Book of Mormon.
She has been studying it like crazy!

we finally made the cheescake that mom sent in my birthday package. so good!

Sister Leejeoungim. member

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