Monday, August 31, 2015

Farming. 시골

It's been a beautiful week here in Andong and we have been able to see miracles! I have absolutely loved serving with Sister KimKyuri. She is 23 years old (in Korea) 22 in America and she is from Seoul! This is her very last transfer of her mission and I feel so blessed that I am able to serve with her before she goes home. I secretly have always thought it would be really fun to be her companion. She is such an amazing missionary! She works super hard and knows how to make everyday a good day as a missionary. We literally laugh so much every single day. and I have already been able to learn so much from her. <3

ANDONG IS SO COUNTRYSIDE. there is no mcdonalds and that is when you know that we are in the middle of nowhere. haha.. yeah I just laughed at my own joke... This last thursday we woke up at 5:30 and headed out to a member in our branches farm and picked peppers for nearly 10 hours! The farming begins. This family really needs a lot of help so a couple other members came to help also. I never want to see a red pepper again. haha. SO MANY PEPPERS were picked. It was actually really fun!!!.... for the first 2 hours... but then it got hard... haha. I was thinking of the Holt family a lot as I was farming because Grandpa Holt had the big corn festival this past week! I hope it went well! Hopefully I can make it next year. I think I'm getting better at farming so that's good right?

Now for a couple miracle we saw this week!
On Saturday we were able to see miracles as we knocked some doors of apartment buildings. We planned to go visit a less-active but they weren't there so Sister Kim said," Let's kahkahho! (I have no idea how to spell that) So we knocked on every single door of the 15 floor apartment complex... and well most people either didn't answer or they slammed the door in our face but the miracle is that we were able to meet meet a man who let us teach him the restoration on the entrance of his doorway (cuz we couldn't enter) but He also said that we could come back later to teach him more! and He has a family that lives with him too so hopefully we can teach all of them. yayy #miracle

Then On Friday night we planned to have a meeting with our branch mission leader but he called and said he had to cancel so we came up with a back up plan to knock on all the doors of OUR apartment complex. sounds fun right? The elders were with us because we planned for them to start at the top and we start at the bottom and meet in the middle but we had to run home real quick and get some more supplies. After getting supplies we felt to just start with the door right next to ours. I felt a little awkward because we were still with the elders and how intimidating is it to open the door to 4 missionaries? So I just kinda was standing in the back... But we never would have guessed what was behind the door. A foreigner black man from Alabama named Derek! We introduced who we were and what we were doing and before we knew it we were in his home. All four of us sitting on his bed teaching him the restoration. I really feel like we were supposed to be with the elders because we wouldn't have been able to go in his home without them and one of the Elders is american (Elder Wright) so we could teach Derek together in English. He accepted what we taught pretty well but had a few questions about why we need to Book of Mormon when we already have the Bible. His faith in God is SO STRONG. He believes that God has helped him through a lot of hard times in his life. We ended the lesson with a prayer and He said we could come back anytime to teach him more!(Which it's pretty easy to visit considering he lives right next door...) So That was probably the biggest miracle of the week! yay new investigators!

Did I mention that we have bikes in our area? yeah. well we do! It's my first area with bikes so it's kinda fun:) Oh and on sunday we attend primary so sister Kim can play the piano for them. The primary consists of 2 boys ages 9 and 12 who are brothers and they are half american but there father (american) is not a member. It was so fun to be in primary and sing children's songs in korean and games.

Basically I feel so at home here in Andong and I am so happy:) I'm hoping this is my last area because I could stay here forever. I hope you all have a great week! make it the best one ever<3 Remember God loves you! and I do too!

Love, Sister Hurley

made this proselyting box for this happy elder. I was pretty proud of it so had to take a picture...
then the other side!
Sister Thornley and a porcupine.
me in a cool looking hat...
my old district when I served in Shinjung!
Sister Kimhyunsuk!<3 Recent covert from first area. I was so blessed to be able
to see her a couple times when I served in Shinjung too! Now I'm so far away:(
While Sister Thornley and I were serving kimchee to the elderly,
another woman we were working with put our hair up in buns with a chopstick haha:)
I love Korea.
Sister Parkjihyun and I.
Some of our english class members on my last day of class.
Sister Goyumin!<3 She had her baptismal interview on Saturday!
Also I received permission from president  today to be able to go visit her baptismal service!:)
My Cute new companion Sister Kimkyuri! We are so good are picking peppers!
PEPPERS!!!! so many peppers. 

Sister Kim and I are super cheezy so we may have wore almost the exactly
same dress to district meeting this past week...haha.

today for pday we played CATAN!!! I thought that Christopher would be so proud:)
they have it in Korea!

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  1. That's a hedgehog! (고슴도치--I only know that word because I looked it up once after one of our elders got a spiky haircut. Ha!)