Monday, November 16, 2015


Yesterday we traveled to Busan for transfer meeting and it was so sad because I had to say goodbye to 2 of my companions! Sister Broyles and Sister Kang! The craziest part was when I realized that I'm next.....where did the time go? I'm starting the first week of my last transfer and I'm determined to make every minute count of the time I have left. I just want to soak it all in ya know? I LOVE THIS COUNTRY. I love it. I love it in a way that I can't express but can only feel. Everyone needs to come to Korea! alright? okay good.


Here is a few things that happened this week. We honestly didn't have a lot of time to teach people because we did a lot of service and had to do deep cleaning and go to Daegu (3 hours away) to pick up some invitations for a stake event that is coming up. BUT...... this is what happened...

I got an email from Sister Goyumin who informed me that she got a calling in the young womens in shinjeoung! I'm so happy for her! Also she is planning to come to Andong on November 30 (P-day) so that we can spend some last time together before I leave Korea. I'm so excited!!! I have been sooooo soooo blessed to be able to meet the people I have taught again later in my mission.

This last week we had the opportunity of helping a Less-active in our branch as she opened up a nursing home. we worked super hard to help prepare food and decorations and pass out programs. We spent almost the whole day on thursday trying to help as best we could. But the miracle of it all was when she came to church the following sunday for the first time in over 3 months! And she went up to bear her testimony about service. She said that as she watch us help her with her event she felt more inspired to serve those around her. I have felt so grateful for the opportunities I have had to serve others on my mission. It has taught me a lot about looking, forgetting myself, and trying to find those who need help.

We met a member this last week who is american and lives in our area but attends a branch in Daegu where they speak english.She is an english teacher! she really wants to learn korean so we had the opportunity to help her a little bit and share a message with her which was really great! She said that her relationship with God has grown as she has moved to Korea and has had to rely on Him more. I thought that was soo cool:) Her testimony is so strong and we are trying to help her share the gospel with those around her!

I'm excited for this coming week! As we did weekly planning we were able to set some appointments with people we haven't been able to meet for a while. It should be a great week! I hope you are all happy and healthy!

I love you!!!<3

Sister Hurley

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