Monday, November 9, 2015


 Hey Ya'll!

This week has been a whole lot of reflection for me. I got asked a question by a sister in my district that has been on my mind all week. " Have you found the reason that you got called to Korea?" this is my answer...

well... it has changed my life. I know that one of the reasons was that I needed to really learn how to love. How to truly love everyone like Christ does. I needed to be humbled by learning a language that is still hard for me at times. I needed to meet certain people that were waiting to hear the gospel and be an instrument to bring it to them. but mostly i needed to learn how to truly rely on God. I needed to learn how to forget myself and to think of others. I needed to learn how to apply the atonement of Jesus Christ in my life by learning how to truly repent. I needed to learn how to overcome being a perfectionist and how to live with having weaknesses. I needed to learn about God's love for me. I needed to learn the importance of the sacrament so I could see how partaking of it worthily each week could change my life. i know that I could have only learned these things the way I needed to learn them by being called to this mission in Korea. I have learned so many things and I continue to learn everyday and I will continue to learn for the rest of my life but I'm grateful for the big things I have been able to learn as I am serving here as a missionary in Korea<3

Now for this week:

We had the opportunity to help 2 different families of less-actives in our area do farming this past week. For one we farmed a TON of apples. sooo many apples. we worked sooo hard but by the end there was still so many apples left. We were able to help a different family farm beans. i have farmed perssiman, apples, beans, peppers, rice, and peanuts. no big deal. If anyone needs help with farming when I get back.. call me up:)

We saw a miracle this week as we were at the store waiting for the elders recent convert to go eat dinner with them. A lady that worked at the store came up to us and told us that she used to meet the missionaries and that she would like to meet again! She told us her name and that we already have her number in our phone. hopefully we will be able to meet her this week!

A quote that I wanted to share with you all this week has to do with love and service: "Every unselfish act of kindness and service increases your spirituality. your continued spiritual growth and eternal progress and very much wrappped up in your relationships-in how you treat others. Isn't the measure of the level of your conversion how you treat others?" (mosiah 2:17)
I found it in the Book of Mormon manual... I don't remember who said it... but I really loved it and wanted to share!

We were blessed last thursday to have a packed schedule with 4 different appointments. Sadly our investigator Sister Kim told us she is going to Bangledesh for a tennis tournament:( She will do so good but we will surely miss meeting her for a couple weeks. Our other Investigator Sister Lee is moving back to Seoul because she was only in our area attending school. We are hoping we can refer her to the missionaries there. It was sad to say bye! We were able to meet Aya too which was really amazing. She opened up to us again and I feel we were inspired with the message we had to share with her. We really feel her faith is growing so much and it has been exciting. She feels that God is answering her prayers.

I had the opportunity to speak in church yesterday about receiving answers to prayer. I have such a strong testimony that God answers prayers It was the answer I received through prayer that helped me know that I was supposed to serve a mission. It was a really great church meeting because 3 less-actives that we hadn't seen in a while were able to come!

This weeks is transfer call week and Im praying I stay exactly where I am but we will see....:)

love you!

Sister Hurley

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