Monday, October 6, 2014

Miracles on Miracles

Well Everyone, things just keep looking up here in the beautiful area of Bangeojin! Life as a missionary in Korea is an adventure to say the least. This week I had the lovely opportunity of eating Octopus, pig intestine, and pig liver! The octopus wasn't that bad... just a weird texture... but the pig intestine was probably the worst thing I have tried in Korea yet. It didn't help that while I was eating it, the son of the members house we were at was explaining to me that it has the deep red color because it is made of blood. I was sure to thank him for that extra information haha. But other than eating strange food this week... THIS WEEK WAS INCREDIBLE.

I have been truly impressed by how much the Korean people are teaching ME while I have been here. The Korean people are truly so service oriented and full of so much love. I have noticed how naturally and willing they are to serve those around them. One example I saw this last week was while I was sitting on the bus. I observed while 3 Korean women ran onto the bus and swiped their cards. When the last lady swiped her card it beeped and informed her that she was out of funds. I watched while she dug through her purse looking for change while another women ran up to her and swiped her card for her. Just a small example but I was so impressed.
Another cool experience I had this last week was while Sister Bonney and I stopped at the mart to buy a couple snacks. a man came up to us insisting that he buy our snacks for us. We were so confused. As I was trying to give him money to pay him back he said "use it for someone else" He said "I am a bad person, and I appreciate the good work that you do" I think he was a little drunk.. but like I said before Even the drunk people in Korea are nice!
The man on the street with the many dogs who wants to buy us shoes gave us 2 huge boxes of cornflakes this week. The biggest box of cornflakes I have ever seen possibly.

I will share a quick miracle!
A few weeks ago the Elders were contacting when Elder Jackson got the impression to stay on the street. They were about to go to dinner but for some reason he really felt he needed to stay. A few moments later, a lady came up to him asking him if he still teaches english. Apparently 10 YEARS ago she went to our english class. Well Long story short, Sister Bonney and I are now teaching her. <3 She had the opportinuty of going to Sister Kims baptisms and while she was there she had the most incredible time and felt the spirit so strongly. She asked us if it was possible that she could be baptized also (probably the greatest thing any missionary wants to hear) We told her that we needed to meet with her a few times first and teach her more about our church and she sounded excited. We have now met with her twice and she is slowly progressing! She has been such a miracle!
There have been so many more miracles that I have seen while I have been here and I wish I could share more but I am out of time!
Quote of the week from my incredible trainer: "As long as we don't do anything stupid, God's will will turn out just fine"
P.S If you haven't watched the General Womens Conference... DO IT. It was incredible. plus there are cute little korean girls in hanboks (korean traditional dresses) singing I love to see the temple in front of the seoul temple so if that doesn't make you want to watch it... then I don't know what will<3 I love Koreans.
I love you all so much! Have the best week ever! Serve someone in need (so everyone)<3
Love Sister Hurley

Funny Moment 

Yesterday while we were updating our blog for our english class (yes we have a blog by the way... maybe I told you already) but we went on becasue we were going to put the restoration video in korean on the blog when the Sister training leaders in our district called us to see how we were doing. They asked us about the Elders in our Branch and if we had any concerns about working with them. At that exact moment Sister Bonney said, " AHH It's just the biggest temptation!!" hahaha I was soo confused until I realized she saw the General conference link on and she wanted to watch it so bad! (we have to watch general conference a week later because they need extra time in order to translate it into Korean) Anyway... just thought I would share! I thought she was saying that  working with the elders was just the biggest temptation but really she was just excited to watch general conference:)

Sister Kim (who was baptized last week), and her two adorable little boys, Joowon and Joobin

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