Sunday, October 19, 2014

Things that really matter..

This last week is one I hope to remember for the rest of my life. I was reminded of the things that matter most. There is no way I can put into words all that I have been coming to understand but I will do my best.

Monday: for PDAY we went Bowling and played Ping Pong! Yes those are two of my favorite things and I got to do them both in one day! This may be the real reason I got called to Korea. hehe:) only joking. 

Tuesday: The District leader called us and gave us our assignments for District meeting and told me and I would be giving a talk on hope. While studying, an added light came into my life. I came to understand that hope is truly the source of all happiness. Hope is having confidence that thing will work together for your Good even when times are tough. It is trusting God. Trusting him so much and never losing faith in his perfect plan for you. Trusting that all trials in this life are here to strengthen and help us in the long run. The deep talks began. Sister Bonney and I began to talk about the things that really matter in life. We came to understand that everything in life...every fear, discouragement, and weakness can be healed if we focus on the things that matter. I was reminded why I am here.

Wednesday: DISTRICT MEETING! Everyone gave a talk about one of the Christlike attributes. We talked about who we are as missionaries is just as important as what we do. We talked about letting go of how we expected or wanted our missions to go and allow God to shape our missions because this is HIS work and we are simply tools to bring it to pass. This past week as Sister Bonney and I have been able to work together to truly focus on what really matters we have been able to be more unified and more in tune with the spirit. I have felt so close to My Heavenly Father  as I have been working to align my will with his will. 

Thursday: Miracle after Miracle occurred this day. We had 2 investigators call US and make appointments with us, we were able to find someone and teach a lesson on the street, we received a contact, had an investigator show up to our church while we were there and we were able to teach her the plan of salvation. we were also able to visit our recent convert Sister Kim and teach her a lesson with her kids<3

So What matters most in the life you may ask? What really matters? Well... I came to the conclusion that there are 2 main things that matter most. 1. Trusting in God 2. Charity 
If we truly love God, then we will love his children. In order to live with God again, we must develop Charity. When we truly come to understand and TRUST that God has a plan for all of his children then we will be able to see others as God sees them. 

Funny moments:
Sometimes we make children cry just by saying annyeoung (hello) because we are american and they aren't used to people that look different from them... woops. 

I love you all so much! I hope this week we will all be able to focus on the things that really matter!<3


Sister Courtney Hurley
Bowling for pday! thee best. also played ping pong that day.
The real reason I got called to Korea.hehe. i'm kidding..sorta.
.김정자 자매님 One of the sweetest members of my branch. Half the time I can't understand her..
but I love her so much! In this picture we are trying to make a heart. haha.
Korea in a box. EVERYONE lives in an apartment.
Apartments are considered nicer than most houses here.
One out of four dogs of the man who wants to buy us shoes and gives us
free snacks every week.
sooo pretty

I LOVE KOREA! Have i mentioned that recently?

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