Friday, October 3, 2014

Sister Kim

The title of this email is a little ironic considering the fact that we are teaching 4 different sister Kim's right now. But the one I'm talking about is now the newest member in the bangeojin branch. Yes the baptism did still happen and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my mission! Although the week leading up to the baptismal service was so crazy and I know Satan was working harder than ever, the baptismal service turned out incredible. I wanted to take a minute to tell you a little more about this Sister Kim that I love so much<3

Sister Kim has come a really long way since she met the missionaries on the street back in April. Originally she was found because she was interested in our English program (most investigators in Korea usually come from member referrals or our english program) The missionaries at the time started the Kids English class because of her. Before I had even met her, she had been taught all 4 of the lessons but she didn't seem too interested. Over time, through several kids class spiritual messages, her heart was softened. She began to be very engaged in our lessons and almost always asked and answered questions. When we taught her more about the Book of Mormon in Kids class, she wanted to know if it was true but it was too difficult for her to understand (this is a very common concern with those we teach!) This is when we started reading and explaining passages with her. We explained to her that she didn't need to understand the Book of Mormon perfectly but just as long as she knew that it contained God't word. If you have read my last letters you would know that the first time we extended the baptismal commitment she said she needed more time but 11 DAYS letter we received a text from her that said she desired to be baptized this month. She has been such a miracle for me while I have been here. The spirit at her baptism was so strong. Another miracle was that 4 investigators came to her baptism! This past week was so special!

This last week we also gained a new investigator! A huge miracle from the Elders in our branch! I will tell you more about it next week because I am out of time! Always remember that this work is true! I love you all so much!

That awkward moment when you run into a bunch of Croatians on the street who were all super nice! unfortunately one asked how many wives he could have if he joined our church and when we said one, he told us he was disappointed. Apparently he was going to think about changing religions if it meant he could have more than one wife! He should have been born 200 years ago! haha  Oh the people we meet, such an adventure. 

Sister Hurley

Can you find Sister Hurley?

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