Monday, December 15, 2014

6 Months!

This last week I hit my 6th month mark and I can't believe it. Time is going way too fast! I can hardly believe it is almost Christmas! This last transfer absolutely flew by. We received the transfer call last thursday and learned that I would be staying in Jinju but Sister Kang would be leaving to go to Bangeojin (my first area that I love so much)! Honestly this was a really sad transfer call to receive. Sister Kang and I have become really close so it was a really sad goodbye! Despite the language barrier, we always found ways to serve each other and we became really good friends! My new companion is Sister 이명희 (Sister Lee to make it easy for those who don't read Korean... haha) So yes my new companion is another Korean!:)  Sister Lee went to BYU idaho for a couple years before her mission so she can speak english really well! She will spend her last transfer with me before she goes home. She is from Seoul and is the oldest of 5 kids. When she received the transfer call to come to Jinju it was really hard for her because she was in the middle of training someone, it was her last transfer, and she really loved her area so it came as a complete shock to her. She was 100% certain that she would stay because they almost never make trainers stop training in the middle so it was strange. I have a goal to make this the best last transfer for her because I know that would be a really tough situation!

This last week we had to drop an investigator. It was the first time I have had to do that and it wasn't easy but I know that it felt right and that it needed to happen. She has met the missionary for years now and is still not progressing. Her heart is so closed to religion and I truly think she is just using us to help her learn English... so it needed to happen. BUT.... on a happy note, the same day we dropped her, Sister Kang and I found the most miracle family ever! A family of four with 2 daughters. We are doing the family english program with them, but the parents are really curious about our religion! Our first meeting they were asking all sorts of really good questions. We will be meeting them 2 times a week now so that will be really great!
I don't have a lot of time to write today because it was transfer day and we had to travel to headquarters to have a big meeting but I hope you are all having a really great Christmast Season! If you haven't watched the video "He is the gift" on yet, go watch it! We have been passing out Christmas cards to everyone with that QR code on it. Because Christ is the greatest gift this Christmas season, I encourage everyone to think of something they can give to him too! My family does this every year and I have truly come to love it. Whether it is finding someone to serve everyday or working on being more patient. There is always more we can do, more people we can love to show Christ that we love him. I love you all so much!
Sister Hurley

Awkward Moment (Hey it's Whitney, I wanted to add this awkward moment that Courtney sent me that I thought was hilarious. She prob didn't want it on her blog but oh well :))

that awkward moment when the elders investigator says "In korea, your face makes everyone else's look ugly" hahahaha I died laughing. ahhh I love being in Korea Whit.

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