Monday, December 1, 2014

December is here

Well Family,
I'm excited to inform you that now I've almost converted all of South Korea so they may be opening up a mission in North Korea sooner than expected! YAY<3 okay im kidding. in fact we may only have one progressing investigator at the moment but we are working our little hearts out to find more people to teach. Some Exciting activities this week included: picking red bean pods off of trees for our service activity. I know I didn't grow up on a farm, but secretly I maybe could have, haha I love
it:) I love being out in the nature trying to communicate with old Korean women who I can't understand but I continue to smile and try to communicate.

This week I had the opportunity of teaching an Islamic man Korean during our English class which was also exciting!

This week we picked up a few more potential investigators who we will be able to meet this week so I am excited!

Fun fact about the Korea Busan Mission:

Our mission has a special text with a special code that all the missionaries receive if North Korea invades.

This week I met a woman on the bus whose religion believes the Korea is the center of the Earth and is the most dominate country. so that was exciting.

Love Sister Hurley

Next week I will tell you a little more about the people we are teaching!

Thought I(Whitney) would add Sister Hurley's response when her mama asked her what she eats :)

We eat ramen a lot because it is cheap. today for breakfast I had dried squid though so that was tasty. I actually do really like it. Maybe I will send you guys some haha. for lunch and dinner we usually have kimchee and rice. They eat rice sooooooooo much here. like a lot a lot. We actually kinda eat out a lot because with our area being so big we usally aren't home for dinner time. There is something called kimbob which is kinda like sushi that is super cheap here and they sell it everywhere so I eat that a lot and it is super good! mostly I eat a lot of really weird things that I never ate before coming to Korea but that are actually pretty good now:) I'm starting to really like korean food a lot. But every time I say that I'm forced to eat something new that I don't really like sooo we'll see :)

We eat with the members probably about 3-4 times a week so pretty
often! The members really take care of the missionaries here and are
always making sure we are stalked with rice and kimchee haha.

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