Sunday, December 28, 2014

When you pray to have your eyes opened..

First of all, can I tell you how happy I was to be able to skype you all this past week? ahh it was the best and fastest 1:30 minutes of my life! Sadly Jett seemed so scared of me but hopefully that will change real quick once I come home. I hope you all had a really great Christmas! I know that I did! It was definitely one I will remember forever.

This week Sister Lee and I prayed to have our eyes opened and Heavenly Father answered our prayers. We had the most incredible experiences and saw so many MIRACLES!

I wish I had time to explain everything in great detail... but well... I don't.. ha so I will do my best

Monday: After emailing all of you I was sitting waiting for the other missionaries to finish when a lady came up to me and started talking to me in Korean. (this is pretty rare because most people don't assume I speak Korean.. I always have to start the conversation) But this lady was interested in why I was in Korea so I was able to bear a simple testimony to her of Jesus Christ and give her a card that had the "He is the Gift" QR code on it.

Tuesday: The Mission Christmas Party! sooo fun! I was feeling grateful that I have such great friends that have become my family here in the mission.

Wednesday: We met a lady on the street and was able to give her a Book of Mormon and teach her a lesson. Also on the bus ride home our bus drived happened to be a less-active member (not "happened"... it was a miracle) He let us go on for free because he loves the missionaries. we were able to get to know him a little better and share a little message with him.

Thursday: The miracle of the day was that I was able to talk to my incredible family and that I didn't cry. This was a miracle itself. :) I love you family<3 Oh and at our Christmas party a member brought her friend who wants to start meeting the missionaries each week! #newinvestiagtorrrr yay.

Friday: As I served food to the elderly people I couldn't help but feel completely grateful for my life. So many of these people look homeless. Some appear starving the way they sneak food into their bags and always come back begging for more. I can't even imagine a life like that. It is such a priveledge and a blessing to be able to serve these people here in Korea. More of a priveledge than a sacrifice.

On Friday as we were going out to proselyte, Sister Lee and I prayed that we could find a new investigator.... This night was full of miracles as we met several people who want to meet us this coming week. we found many potential investigators! I know this was because we prayed with Faith. The elders called us this day and told us that a new girl will be coming to english class on Saturday because she saw our free english class poster.

Saturday: Another day full of miracles. As we were buying a couple things at a gas station the owner of the store was staring at my name badge so I told him that we were missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He told us that he sees the elders at the gas station all the time. He continued to check out our items and give them to us but as we were leaving I felt a strong impression that I needed to go back and talk to him again. I immediately went back to the counter and told him that we were sharing a special message about Jesus Christ. My companion stepped in and pulled out a Book of Mormon asking him if he has seen one before. 30 minutes later we finished a lesson and committed him to read the Book of Mormon. He told us to come over whenever to talk more about our message. It was awesome. I'm so happy that I followed the prompting that I received from the spirit. We were also able to watch "He is the gift" video with him<3

The second miracle of the day was when we went to English class and met the girl that the elders had told us of the day before. We asked her if we could share a short message with her after class and she agreed. By the end of our lesson she was praying for us<3 I love missionary work!

Sunday: we met with 한미숙 (Sister hanmisuk) and her two 9 year old daughters who we are doing the family english program with. Right now they are our only progressing investigators. Momma I brought those stockings that you sent me that say "God loved us so he sent his son" we stuffed them with snacks and candy and gave them to the girls and the loved it so much. The Miracle was when we started the spiritual message and the husband came in really quick and said,"hey, before you leave, can you give me a Book of Mormon?" I think every missionary would love to hear those words come out of anyone's mouth. We tried to contain our excitement and invited him to join us for the lesson. As we taught we were able to answer several of His questions about the Book of Mormon and how it is different than the Bible. I shared Moroni's promise with him and testified that I know this promise is real.

As you can see God truly helped us to see Miracles this last week. I know that if we pray to have our eyes opened, He will help us open them. I know that this is God's work and not our work and that we must align our will with his in order to be successful.

I want to end with my simple testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that through His atoning sacrifice, His teachings, Hope, Peace, and Example, He can help us change our lives, face our trials and move forward with faith as we journey back to Him and our Father. I have seen how my life has completely change as I allow Him into my life. As I allow him to change me into a better person each and everyday. I'm grateful everyday that I can rely on Him to strengthen me and I'm grateful that I can teach others about him so that they can experience the same joy that I felt when I allowed him into my life.

Love you love you love you!

Sister Hurley


The recent convert we have been teaching! and our elders in Sacheon!

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