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This morning while I was in the bedroom I heard a scream from the kitchen. I was a little concerned until I hear the words (noon wahyo!) 눈와요! Which in Korean means It's snowing! I was surprised and embarrassed at how excited i got. You would have thought I was 5 years old and seeing snow for the first time. But you know they say the happiest people find joy in the little things right? Is that what they say? not sure. haha but today will be a great day because there is snow! Something that is not very common in Jinju! I decided yesterday that I wanted to take more time to write a good letter for you all since I always seem to run out of time so we will see how this goes:) I will go through the highlights of last week!

We had Family Home Evening and we went bowling! I had the spiritual message and I decided to talk about President Monson's talk love is the essence of the gospel. I talked about how we can't truly love God if we don't love our fellow travelers as well! The Miracle of the evening was walking home from the bowling alley talking to a member in our ward and feeling like I could actually held a conversation with someone in Korean rather than being that awkward person who sits listening and
not being able to respond. It's the little progress I notice each day that gives me some hope:)

We had 3 lessons! I'm not sure what other missions are like but this is a lot for one day in Korea so we were beyond excited:) I will tell you a little about the people we are teaching! 윤성민: sister yunsoengmin. An investigator we have in jjinju. She has met the missionaries on and off for about 3 years or so by now because she loves the family English program that we do. Right now she is not
progressing and she hasn't been for a while so we really feel that she needs to be dropped:( because we think she is using the missionaries to learn English for free. So this week when we meet on Thursday I plan to give her my final testimony and poor my heart out to her before we drop her. I never thought about having to drop an investigator... normally they drop us. haha I know that she feels the spirit in our lessons. especially when we watched the restoration film with her but she doesn't seem to care to find out for herself whether our message is true. She first needs the desire to know truth... like it says in alma 32. Without that initial desire... we can't progress and our faith can't grow!

장윤정: sister jangyunjeoung our super awesome recent convert in sacheoen! She was baptized back in July but we continue to meet weekly with her. We just finished teaching her all the lessons again and we are preparing her to be able to go to the temple! I feel so comfortable around her and I can really see Christ light shining through her.

Sister hong and jeoung: 2 investigators we have that are students at our branch presidents academy. In Korea, the students always go to school and then go to academy after school! They are usually there
until 8 sometime 9 at night! super crazy! But anyway... our branch president is super awesome and he said "all my students are your potential investigators" haha so each week we go to his academy and
build relationships of trust with his students and sister hong and sister jeoung we teach them a lesson each week! It's always fun teaching students because we can relate to them really well! right now only sister hong is progressing because sister jeoungs family is not religious at all so we are still working to help her believe in God.

I was feeling grateful so I started a gratitude journal. something I never thought I would actually do because it always sounded a little cheezy but I have been surprised at how much my attitude about so many things has changed. I truly am trying to make each day of my mission the best day it can be. Wednesday was also great because I got a Christmas package from my incredible family <3 ahh I was so happy when I saw the blow up Christmas tree haha. we blew it up and put presents under it. seriously so fun. Thank you! also I got even more happy when I saw the ensign! love it so much and I never leave home without it. THANK YOU!<3 Wednesday we were also able to have lunch with a less active who said he wants to attend church!

Another day I was feeling especially grateful to my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. Grateful that I can be a missionary at this time. To be able to shout praises to my Savior every single day. I Know He lives. How special it is to be a missionary around the time we celebrate his birth. The miracle of the day on Thursday was as we were leaving our apartment we saw a member in our ward (about age 18) She saw us and ran up to us hugging us and crying. All sorts of things were happening in her life and she was having a really rough time. I know that God put her in our path so that we could help and comfort her.

Another day with 3 appointments! Sister 황수정: hwangsujeoung is a less active we have been working with each week. We were able to meet her sons this last week and talk to them about the Book of Mormon.

Sister jeoungahrim: a 19 year old student and our investigator! Her mother is less active but we have been meeting their whole family together each week and doing the family English program with them.

Saturday: The absolute best day of the week the the biggest miracle! WE HAVE A NEW INVESTIGATOR and she is incredible. She was originally found in Busan but she lives in our area so we are able to teach her! During our lesson with her on Saturday she explained to us that she loves reading the Bible. She also asked US if she could come to church with us on Sunday. When I shared the scripture Alma 32:21 with her she absolutely loved it! She really loves the scriptures. She is so happy and loves talking to us so I'm excited to see where this goes! We will be meeting her weekly now. Also on Saturday the missionaries threw together a winter party for the branch in sacheon. we played games and ate delicious food (spaghetti and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..
what did you expect? we are poor missionaries...haha) but it turned out really well and 3 investigators were able to come!

Fast Sunday. I have noticed it is 5x harder to speak and understand Korean when I don't have food in me so fast Sundays are always a little struggle. But this only means I will never complain about fasting after the mission. If you can get through fast Sunday as a can probably do anything. also, Sunday night, after planning, I gave my companion a haircut! yeah what? haha I guess I'm following in your footsteps momma and Whit. :) It turned out pretty good...i think. It was fun nonetheless and she liked it:)

Sadly this week on Thursday we will receive the transfer call telling us if we have a new companion or if we are leaving the area. Sister Kang wants to stay companions but normally they don't keep the follow up trainer with the follow up trainee together for more than one transfer so we wall have to wait and see. This transfer has flown by! I have really loved being companions with Sister Kang. The language barrier has been a little rough but I know I have learned so much korean because of it<3 I have learned so many other things from her as well that are a little hard to put into words.

I'm going to leave with some funny/awkward/embarrassing moments.. well because that is my life.

*That awkward moment when you accidentally ask your companion how much her boyfriend is when trying to ask her how many boyfriends she has...hmm at least we both got a good laugh out of that.:)

*That awkward moment when I tell our recent convert I want to major in math education and then she gives me some math problems that she is doing for her homework that I can't solve...I have forgotten how to do certain kinds of math! maybe I should reconsider my major... haha

*That embarrassing moment when at the winter party, a member (age 18) brings her best friend and I ask her her name but I can't seem to pronounce it right so I say I will try and write it (because we were right next to a white board) but I failed to notice I was using red marker which is a big no no in Korea. If you right someones name in red it means you wish death on that person... ahhh. I completely forgot. luckily my companion stopped me in the middle and they all just laughed. Also,  because I'm foreigner, they didn't think much of it... phewwww.

I hope you all have a really great week! Try to find someone to serve every single day!

Love you all so much! I'm blessed beyond measure to have the greatest family and friends in the world!

Love Sister Hurley

I always try and take picture with my companion because she is so pretty but she won't let me!


made a goal to get 150 and got 163. This is why making goals is important. haha:)

YAY we got a picture together.

Playing the pop everyone else's balloon game at the Winter party!

The hair I cut!



I think our primary president is going to use them for the upcoming Christmas party!
She was so excited when she saw them!

Our Christmas tree<3 soo fun!
If Sister Kang leaves me next transfer she will only be here
for the first 4 gifts so we only put the 4 out.
We had so much fun blowing up the tree together. haha.

What Koreans do at parties. ping pong. my kind of sport. Another reason I love Korea.

I finally bought a new bag. I'm kinda in love with in.
It has AUSTRALIA on it! and KOREA<3

Hey this is the com (perssiman) that I was talking about that we prune for our service activity!
The orange stuff! honestly I'm not the biggest fan of it.. but I eat it anyway to be nice.

The dog of the lady we do the service activity for! He reminds me of Max!

Guess what this picture is? This is our church! yep.
The second floor of this building! If you look really closely on the
right side of the building there is a sign that goes from top to bottom saying
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" well in Korean of course...
so you might not find it. This is our church in Sacheon where we only have about 15 members!

Korean money!

My area!

The Korean People. ahh I love the Korean people.

My area too. sooo blessed. sooo pretty!

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