Sunday, January 11, 2015

7 Months Already?

I honestly cannot believe it has been 7 months. Life here in Jinju and Sacheon have been so busy that time is flying. Each week seems like a day. This last week was incredible. truly incredible and I don't know how I can really express it in words. Sister Lee and I have been blessed beyond measure to be able to watch our areas progress so much over the last 4 weeks. Before this transfer I prayed so hard to Heavenly Father that I would be able to have a companion who loves missionary work and wants to work hard. Sister Lee is exactly that. Although she is going home to Seoul in 2 week, she has hardly talked about it. She is staying completely focused on missionary work and she loves it. This last week we had the biggest miracle and I am going to try and share it the best I can!

It all started last Wednesday night when we receive a referral from headquarters. It was too late at night that we had to wait until the next day to call her. The text from headquarters said that the referral had visited the church website and had requested a Bom with a pamphlet. Her name is Sister Kwon and she is 25. When we found her address we realized that she lives in the most country part of our area almost in the middle of nowhere! There were very few buses that go to her house so it would take a lot of time and planning to figure out when we would be able to visit her! On Thursday when we called her we realized how special this referral was. When she answered the phone she was so excited to hear it was the sister missionaries. She had said that she had almost given up hope that we would never call and then we called. We told her looking at our schedule and the times of buses that we would be able to visit her on Saturday. She said that seemed so far away and that she needed to talk now. She opened up and told us her life story and how she is not happy and that recently she had thought about commiting suicide. She said she wants to change. She wants to turn her life around so she can be happy. She said she wants to know God and how she can trust him. She wants to find purpose in her life and know why she is here. On Saturday when we visited her home we had the most incredible lesson with her. We taught her about God and prayer and gave her a Book of Mormon. She loved everything we taught her and said she knew it was true. She said she had never felt so happy in a long time. Later that night she called us crying. Telling us that she knows what we are teaching her is true but that right after we left her home her grandmother told her that we were a cult and that she didn't want her coming to our church but that she wanted to go with her to a different church with her. Sister Lee and I were heart broken. We know Satan is working so hard on Sister Kwon because her faith is so strong. After saying a prayer with us on the phone she decided that she would stick to the feelings she had when we taught her and felt outr message was true. She told us she wanted to attend church with us the next day! and she came and she loved it. and She wants to continue attending with us. This never happens, but it did. Sister Kwon is truly special and I know she was prepared by God to meet us. I know he loves her so much so he guided her to us. I wish I could describe this story more in detail because literall everything lined up and there were so many little miracles in each moment but....

I'm out of time. know that I am happy here doing God's work in Korea. I know God is helping us see miracles everyday because of our willingness to work hard and submit our will to His.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Sister Hurley

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