Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awkward Moments

Hey, it's Whitney for a sec. Courtney and I have been doing this thing where we send each other our awkward moments of the week.  It's just something to make us laugh but some of them are SO funny so I thought I would share them on this blog even though she may kill me. :) Hopefully she will thank me for the memories later..  I'll just start creating a section after each letter with the awkward moments of that week.

These are the ones she has had so far:
  • That awkward moment when you want to laugh in a serious situation is my life here. Especially when watching my district attempt to sing korean hymns. We can't read fast enough for the songs so lets just say it doesn't sound the best... haha. 
  • That awkward moment when you ask an elder in your district if he wants a kiss but you are talking about the chocolate kisses your aunt sent you. Yes that happened. Talk about awkward.
  • That awkward moment when you're singing alto in the MTC choir when you should be singing soprano so really you just look like that one girl from pitch perfect who is really quiet... oh and then they show you on the big screen during a devotional with 6 members of the quorum of the 12. haha.
  • That awkward moment when you are trying to adjust your magnetic missionary name badge when the magnet on the inside of the shirt falls down. In front of elders of course..pretty awkward.
  • That awkward moment when I am sitting at a table in the lunch room when I see a friend at the table next to mine so I wave and wink at her... but my district leader thought I was winking at him... #mylife #whyamisoawkward.
  • That awkward moment when another day it is lunch time and I take a big drink of ice water when an elder in my district makes me laugh so hard that I spit it out on everyone around me. I have never done this in my life haha why does it happen now? I only made it more awkward when I said, "I figure you don't get to go swimming on your mission so I was just helping you out.." haha I promise my district really does like me. well I think...
  • That awkward/ funny moment when we are reading the Korean Book of Mormon in class and after each verse we are supposed to make a comment. My teacher made a comment that was super great, then asked if anyone else had something to add. An elder in my district rose his hand and literally said the EXACT same thing my teacher had just said thinking it was his own words. No one could hold it in. Everyone just started laughing so hard. The elder then said, "sorry I sometimes just repeat things without noticing." don't worry, he was laughing too pretty hard himself. We ended up only getting through 2 verses in the Book of Mormon because we couldn't stop laughing. It was another moment of "what is this life we live?" haha
  • That awkward moment when the alarm doesn't go off so you wake up to the sound of a toilet flushing. (this one was from my companion sister Dayley:))
 Hopefully this gave you a laugh:)

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