Friday, July 18, 2014

Week 5 say what?


I don't know why I am writing right now because yesterday was P-day (at least that is what it feels like! haha) Has another week really passed? This past week was similar to all the other weeks here in the MTC!

A few highlights included:

Our investigator Brother Kim hyeoung sheek committed to baptism! I love watching our investigators come closer to Christ. Tomorrow we will be teaching him the Word of Wisdom!

We taught our investigator Brother Hwang the Word of Wisdom and It was really hard for him to hear because he smokes, and drinks coffee and tea. He was so willing to try giving it all up. I can't even imagine how hard that would be but I know that the blessings that I promised to him living the word of wisdom are real. I know that coming unto Christ will help him be happier.

We gained a new missionary in our district last friday! His name is Elder Harvey. He was originally called to serve in Canada, french speaking so he was here for 2 weeks learning french when he was reassigned to California, Korean speaking! He is Taiwanese and learned a year of Korean in college before entering the MTC because he is planning to go to school in Korea after the mission!

Last week in TRC I had the opportunity of teaching a 17 year old Korean girl who is thinking about serving a mission. Through my broken Korean I bore my testimony to her and I explained to her why I chose to serve a mission and how much I love being a missionary. It was a really neat experience!

Sunday was incredible as usual. Sometimes we have time to watch Mormon messages online which is always a highlight! My companion recently got called to be the music coordinator in our branch so she often has meetings on Sundays. Because of this, I often go on splits with a Sister in my branch named Sister Nielsen. I love Sister Nielsen so much and we have become such great friends. It is fun feeling like I have 2 companions!

Tuesday Night devotional we got to hear from L. Edward Brown who was a former mission president in KOREA and also a former seventy! He talked about having confidence when we share the gospel.  After all, we are going out in the name of Jesus Christ, So there is no reason we shouldn't have faith in his name. He also talked about how we as missionaries are promised power from on high. This is the only way such young people on missions can do such great things. This threw me back to a conversation I had with dad before leaving on my mission.I asked him why they didn't send out more experienced and older people to teach the gospel. I am now coming to understand that although me and most the other missionaries out here ARE so inadequate, they send us because we have Christ on our side helping us every step of the way so we are so powerful.

After Tuesday night devotional review my Branch President came and spoke to my district. He asked us how our Korean was coming along and then gave us the x + 2x=3x challenge. X is the number of words we know now. 2x is the number of words we need to learn from now until we leave the MTC so that when we leave the MTC, we will know 3x words! I was at about 300 Tuesday night. Which means I need to learn 600 more words before I go. I have been and am going to have to work harder than I ever have in my life but I am up for the challenge and I am excited!

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to host again! SO MUCH FUN! I was able to host a girl from Japan who had never been in America before until now. She had very broken english but I was able to feel her sweet spirit and know that she was going to be an incredible missionary.

To end on a spiritual note, this last week i really came to understand and realize how God truly knows each of us personally. When I first got my call to Korea, my family knows how inadequate I felt. All I could think about was the language barrier I would have. It was sometimes really challenging for me to trust in Heavenly Fathers plan for me and that is why Proverbs 3:5-6 became one of my favorite scriptures. Being a missionary, I feel so close to my Father in heaven and have come to realize how personally he knows me. I haven't been to Korea, and I won't be stepping off that plane for another 4 weeks but I already love everything about Korea so much. I love the language, the culture, the people, and so much more. I feel so incredibly privileged to be trusted enough to help the people of Korea come unto Christ.

I love you all so much!

Sister Hurley

 Awkward Moments 

That awkward moment when we find out we can look at blogs during additional study time and so a lot of the elders in my district found my blog and started reading all the awkward moments. That awkward moments when the elders in your district are reading your awkward moments that often talk about them. haha they thought they were funny though. I think.

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