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I can't express how incredible this past week has been! Seriously SO GREAT! On Friday we got to do this thing call TRC where a real member in the provo/orem area that is Korean or speaks Korean comes and we get to teach them! My companion and I got to teach a sister named Sister Park. She was born in Busan! We talked to her a lot about prayer. I know that God hears ALL of our prayers and that he will always answer us in his own due time. After studying a lot about prayer for this TRC lesson I committed to making my prayers more meaningful. I challenge all of you to do the same! Here at the MTC 10:15-10:30pm is known as quiet time. It is a time set aside specifically for us to pray and communicate with our Heavenly Father. I love and cherish this time so much and always look forward to it! I know that he is watching over me. 

In the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 18:20 tells us: "And whatsoever ye shall ask the father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given you." We must pray with Faith and with real intent if we desire an answer. I know that sometimes what we desire most may not be what is best for us. God know us perfectly. He knows what we need to progress. I have learned this lesson a lot these past few weeks.

I hope everyone had an incredible 4th of July! It was definitely one I will never forget being here at the MTC. We had a special devotional that night and got to watch Seventeen Miracles! They also let us go out and watch the Stadium of Fire Firework show which was so much fun! 

Sunday night we had another devotional where a man named Josh Wright came and spoke to us. He is an incredible pianist. He played several songs for us and I couldn't help but think of Christopher and his musical talent! I think Chris would love Josh Wrights music. Everyone should look him up!

Tuesday night we got to hear from yet ANOTHER member of the quorum of the 12,  Neil L Anderson! He gave an inspiring talk on the power of the Holy Ghost.

Another highlight of the week was that yesterday (Wednesday),  I got to host the new missionaries that came in!! But even more fun was that I found my friend Isobelle Sorensen from High school volleyball who is going to Taiwan and I got to Host her! (being a host includes welcoming them at the curb and taking them to get their books, find their residence and their classroom) It reminded me of the day I came to the MTC and how ready but nervous I was and how HAPPY I was to have my friend from BYU Dani Hamblin as my host.

This last week our lessons with our investigators have improved immensely. We set a baptismal date for our investagor Brother Hwang! We are teaching our other investigator Brother Kim later tonight which I am excited for. (our investigators are still our teachers right now but it's crazy how much they feel like real investigators when we teach them. We love them so much and want to do whatever we can to help them)

I had kind of a fun experience yesterday where our teacher introduced us to an inactive member Brother Kim who was born into the church and when he joined the military for two years he heard some bad things about the church so he went inactive. We were supposed to do all that we could to help him so my companion and I prayed and felt we were to teach him about faith and prayer. Our entire district was to teach this man but after 2 companionship's had taught him, our teacher came back and said, "alright so now Brother Kim has been meeting with the missionaries and they have been helping him and now he desires to go on a mission but he is struggling with the word of wisdom" (plot twist I know right?) haha so instead of teaching him about faith and prayer we quickly planned a lesson on the word of wisdom (which we had never taught before). We prayed together as a companionship before every lesson and I know that God was helping us know what to say. It went so great! It was kinda fun having a last minute change:) I'm sure that this will happen often on the mission when we have to change lessons in order to meet our investigators needs. 

Anyways...As you can tell it has been a very eventful and WONDERFUL week! I can't believe I have been here for a month. Time is flying by!  I love you all so much and appreciate all the love and support I am receiving. I pray for you everyday!

Keep on doing good things! Remember to keep the big picture in mind!


Sister Hurley

Being a missionary is the Best!

Awkward Moment Time :)

Courtney said she didn't really have too many awkward moments this week but she did tell me that she got her Korean Name this week! This is what she wrote about it:

We got our Korean names this last week (in Korea our names will be in Korean so they can read them) my name sounds like sister "holy" if I were to romanize it. sounds pretty sweet right? Oh unless you take into account that the word in Korean that sounds like our last name is lower back. Not so cool after all. I guess that's an awkward moment. You might as well just call me sister lower back from now on. haha:)

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