Thursday, July 31, 2014

11 Days Until Korea!

Tomorrow is the day! I get my flight plans! I head to 한국 (Korea) in 11 DAYS! August 11 is the big day. Where has the time gone? My time here at the MTC has flown! I have never been so excited and scared for something in my entire life. My 한국말 (Korean) still needs a lot of work but I have come a LONG way since the first day. I can't wait to get to Korea!!!

On Sunday I woke up and had an intense feeling that I was going to get called on to speak in church. I spent the morning preparing my 5 minute talk in Korean. We have sacrament with our entire Korean branch which now consists of 89 missionaries! We have a very big branch! The whole sacrament meeting is always in Korean which is really neat. After we take the sacrament, a member of the branch presidency gets up and announces which two lucky missionaries ( a sister and elder) will be speaking that day. It is seriously like the hunger games! Everyone prepares a talk but nobody knows if they are giving it until they announce their name. "From district E we will have...(I'm thinking to myself Just say my name already... I know it's me) Hurley 자매님 speak" YEP. So that happened. I spoke in church on sunday. All in Korean. I felt it turned out pretty well. The branch presidency is always so sweet and gave me such nice compliments like "You're ready for Korea right NOW" and "Your pronunciation was incredible!" Such a confidence booster but I know I still have SO MUCH I still need to learn. They are just good at making us feel good. 

Tuesday night devotional Brother Groberg (the actual missionary from other side of heaven) came and spoke to us. He talked about the importance of bearing testimony. It was a really neat devotional and he even showed so clips from the movie the "other side of heaven".

Recently I have been studying the Atonement a lot and it has been changing my life. I have so much gratitude to my Savior Jesus Christ for the Sacrifices he made for me. Me and Sister Dayley have been praying and seeking revelation about how we can better help our investigators. After our prayer, we both knew automatically that our investigator Brother Kim NEEDED to learn more about the atonement and how it can help him in his life. Yesterday we had the opportunity of teaching him more about the atonement. As we read scriptures together and testified to him of our loving Savior, he felt the spirit. I think it was one of our best lessons yet because we could really see him coming unto Christ and wanting to follow him.

I am truly so incredibly grateful for this privilege I have to be a missionary and to serve my Savior and my Heavenly Father at this time! 

Love you all! Don't have much to say this week. I will be in Korea before you know it and will hopefully have tons of crazy stories:)

Love Sister Hurley

Awkward Moments

  • This past week I was teaching my investigator about the atonement and he was asking some pretty intense questions when I found the perfect scripture to answer his question. It was in Helaman 5:11 but instead I accidently had him read Helaman 4:11. You will all have to go read the differences to see what made the moment so awkward haha. My poor teacher was trying so hard to stay in character and trying not to laugh. Good news...we learn from our mistakes. haha. that will never happen again! (you gotta give me a break though... it is a little challenging finding the scriptures in the Korean Book of Mormon haha I will get better though) 
  • Also during a different lesson about the atonement this past week at the end we were giving the pamphlet to our investigator. (The word pamphlet and atonement are very similar in Korean) My companion accidentally said "This is your atonement!" instead of "This is your pamphlet" Oh the look on our investigators face was priceless. We couldn't help but laugh at the moment. So many words in Korean sound so similar!
    Said bye to Sister Eyring this last week sadly! She will change lives in JAPAN!

    The new missionaries going to Korea arrived!

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