Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Week in Korea!

Where do I even start? SO MUCH has happened since last week. Life if so crazy here in Korea but everyday is such an adventure and I love it so much! My trainers name is Sister Sarah Bonney. She is the oldest of 13 KIDS. 13!! I know right? her dad works in the military so she has pretty much lived everywhere in the world. She lived in Africa for part of her life and her family adopted 2 kids from there. She has helped me sooo much already. I'm am full of so many questions but she has been so patient with me:) She works really hard and is super obedient which I love so much. My MTC companion sister Dayley got sent to Jehju which is the island that is a part of our mission which is so sweet! I heard they speak a whole different dialect over there though so I can't even imagine how challenging that would be! All the new missionaries went out and proselyted the 2ND DAY HERE. yeah. haha. I CANT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS. DID THEY EVEN TEACH US KOREAN IN THE MTC?? In the MTC they only taught us how to speak in high form but everyone here speaks to us in middle form so it has been challenging trying to understand. So far I haven't taught any lessons yet, just proselyted.  On Saturday we taught two different english classes. We have a children's class and an adult class. After the children's class we share a spiritual message with all the mothers of the children. This week we had two mothers show up (one of which is our investigator right now).  My area is called bangeojin ( 방어진). It is right by the beach. There is one branch in our area and 2 elders that serve in the branch with us. (Elder Jackson and Elder Jang). Our branch consists of about  45-50 active members. My branch is SO INCREDIBLE. I am convinced that I have the best area. I love Korean people so much. The members here are so strong. A lot of the sisters in our branch have served missions. On Sunday I gave a talk in church in order to introduce myself tot he branch. before you act too impressed I will tell you word for word what I said:
I am sister Hurley
I am from Utah
On Wednesday I came to Korea
I don't speak Korean very well
I am grateful to be serving in 방어진
Because I have received many blessing through this gospel, I chose to serve a mission
And then I bore testimony.

The members were all so sweet complimenting my Korean. I just want to be able to communicate with them SO BADLY because they are all so incredible but I know that that will come with time.

Whitney asked some questions in her letter to me so I will answer:
WEATHER: Right now it is rainy season. But in Korea when it rains, it POURS. like if you even take one step outside without an umbrella, it's like a shower. not even exaggerating. It is so fun though:) Today a car drove past and hit a big puddle so me and sister Bonney felt like we were in one of those movies where the people on the side of the road get soaked by the cars driving by. It was awesome. haha and I'm not even kidding. I just started laughing so hard. 
MY HAIR?: I've kinda gave up on it and don't really do it anymore. It didn't change much coming to Korea. The only thing that changed was that the outlets are different and are hard to use with my curling iron so I usually just brush through my hair and call it good for the day.
FOOD: SOOO DIFFERENT. I didn't think I was a picky eater until I came here... haha They have some really good things but they also have a lot of really different things. They eat most their meat with a lot of the fat still on which I'm not much of a fan of... and a lot of their food is super spicy! not for the average Korean but for me... haha.  I'm still trying to make myself like kimchee but it hasn't worked yet. I'm sure one day I will.
Sleep: we sleep on these mats that are pretty much just like sleeping on the floor but I can pretty much sleep wherever so it hasn't been a problem. plus missionary work is so exhausting so we usually just crash at the end of the night.

Basically... I love Korea. I just need to learn Korean. It's a work in progress but I know I get a little bit better each day. I already want you all to come here and pick me up at the end of my mission so you can experience this beautiful country too!

This letter is super scattered.. I will send some pictures a little bit later. just know that I love you!

Love 헐리 자매

Awkward Moments 

That awkward moment when you give a talk in sacrament meeting and then the members of your branch all come up and talk to you after but you don't understand a word they are saying so you just smile and pray that your companion will come over soon.

Adventures in Houston TEXAS. Hotel Time.
This is where I sleep :)  Those mats roll out!
This is our bathroom and shower.  The shower head is in the corner.
This is my cute companion and I at a SUSHI BUFFET! I was in was soooo good!

Squatter Toilet! My reaction when I saw it was priceless. HAHA oh my.

My companion plays the piano and sings! She has a solo in our upcoming Choir!
My new name tag. All in Korean!

1st shopping adventure. POWERADE and Melona Bars! I was so happy!

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