Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Metal Chopsticks are Hard

I've never really had a talent for writing so I apologize while I try to organize my thoughts... Well, I made it through a full week in the beautiful country of Korea! It has been a very busy and a very challenging week but we saw so many Miracles in each day.  We teach 4 English classes in my area each week. Tuesday night we have a Bible class, Thursday night we have an adult English class, Saturday we have a Kids English class in the Morning(my absolute favorite..Korean Kids are the cutest) and an Adult English class at night where we read conference talks together and discuss them. It's kind of refreshing to have English class and be able to speak the language that I understand! Speaking of Understanding, I am noticing that I understand a little bit better each day. A little progress is always better than no progress! I am still usually pretty lost in conversations. I can sometimes trace the main ideas but usually I'm just that awkward girl who sits there and everyone knows I can' understand but I seem to still laugh when everyone else does so I fit in and act like I understand. One thing that has been challenging here in my area is that the missionaries don't have any time for language study. Everyday we always have something of greater importance to fill the time so I usually drill my poor companion with questions throughout the day. Although I struggle with communicating vocally with the people of Korea because of the language barrier, This week I learned how I can show love and share the spirit without using many words. Actions go a long way.

If you didn't know, there are a lot of Buddhist here in Korea. Almost everyone I talk to seems to be Buddhist. They are really great people and are all SO NICE it just makes it a little more challenging to share our message because most people aren't interested in learning about Christ. But we will just keep trying and working as hard as we can! Right now we currently have 1 progressing investigator. We are teaching the mother of 2 of the kids that come to our English class. Being able to teach her and watch her progress has showed me the complete JOY that comes from watching people come unto Christ. It's a joy that completely fills the soul. That I had never felt before being a missionary.
Anyway...This week I learned a lot about charity. I have been praying for charity everyday since I have been here and I know that God is helping me so much. There is no other explanation as to the reason I love these people so much. Even the tons of people that reject me daily. I just feel so much love for them. Which brings me to my other point that I am learning. This week I really learned a lot about how God knows everyone personally. I talked about this a little bit while I was in the MTC how I came to understand how God truly knows me personally, I guess this week I came to understand that God knows EVERYONE personally. I was able to see people how God sees them. I was able to see that God Loves everyone perfectly. God is really working on me right now. He is teaching me things that I never knew I had to learn. He is shaping me into a better person each week which I am incredibly grateful for.
P.S Elder Scott D. Whiting came and spoke at our district conference! It was really neat! Also our investigator was able to make it which made it that much better!
Because I don't have many investigators right now, a lot of the work I do is with less actives, recent converts, and members. There is an incredible 16 year old girl in our branch who is the only active member of her family (the members here are seriously SO strong. There are so many part member families) Anyway she really wants to serve a mission but she doesn't know the gospel very well and it is hard for her to understand the scriptures so we have been able to teach her which has been so fun! She wants to learn English too so I have been helping her with that.
Anyway. This week was really good! Thank you for all your love and support! Sorry this letter is all over the place and that my English is terrible. Always remember that this work is SO TRUE.

Love Sister Hurley

Awkward Moments

  • When the owner of the restaurant brings me a fork because I am struggling so bad with my metal chopsticks. It was actually a super funny moment. My poor companion is probably so embarrassed sometimes by my lack of chopstick using abilities. (The noodles are the hardest to eat with metal chopsticks)
  • That awkward moment when I give the cashier 25$ instead of 6$ because I'm still trying to figure out how Korean money looks. I'm not doing a very good job at not looking like a foreigner apparently...I'll work on that.

Fun Facts About Korea

  • Names are extremely challenging for me to remember!
  • In most restaurants we eat sitting on the ground!
  • Buses are so crazy here! When they stop you pretty much have to run to them because they leave so quickly and then once you step in you have to grab on to something quick or else you will fall over. (not that I'm speaking from experience... but I am)

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