Friday, August 15, 2014

Safe Arrival Letter

We got this Safe Arrival letter from Courtney's Mission President and some pictures of when she first arrived in Korea.  It was so good to know that she made it safely.  We really appreciated the kind words and information from her Mission President.

With Mission President, Brother Barrow and his wife.

New Trainer/Companion Sister Sarah Bonney from La Plata, MD
Dear Brother and Sister Hurley,

Sister Hurley arrived in the Korea Busan Mission on 13 August 2014. Sister Barrow and I had the choice opportunity of greeting your daughter at the airport and welcoming her to Busan. Even after a lengthy flight, she is in good health and spirits and we look forward to serving with her. She is a fine young missionary and will be an asset to the mission. We have been anticipating her arrival and it was wonderful to finally meet her. We will care for her as we would for one of our own as she labors in the mission field. We understand the concerns, hopes and prayers of priesthood leaders and loved ones. We want each of the missionaries in the Korea Busan Mission to have a rich, growing and successful experience. Be assured that should a time of special concern arise, I will notify you immediately.

Enclosed are three photographs: (1) a group picture taken at the airport upon arrival; (2) a photograph of your daughter with Sister Barrow and me that was taken the day after she arrived; and (3) a photograph of your daughter with her first companion, Sister Sarah Faith Bonney, from La Plata, MD. Your daughter has a good attitude and a desire to serve the Lord. We spent two days together and had an opportunity to visit privately together in the Mission Home. We are grateful for her worthiness and for her willingness to serve, and we pray that the Lord will bless and strengthen your family through her service.

Missionary work in the Busan Mission is new and exciting, and our missionaries find great rewards in serving the Lord here. Sister Hurley will learn much about himself, our Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel as she serves with all her heart, might, mind and strength in the Lord's work. She will come to understand her role as a disciple of Christ. (3Ne. 5:13)

We thank you for your support and ask you to write regular encouraging letters and send faith promoting experiences to her. We know that as Sister Hurley works with all her heart, might, mind and strength she will have a most amazing missionary experience. We know you will experience the miracle that is missionary work through your daughter’s fine diligent efforts.

Packages from home are always welcome and most products will arrive safely and not incur any customs fees. We have also found that sending packages by international mail is generally preferable to using international courier services such as FedEx or DHL. Courier packages come to the street address of the mission home and there are times when no oneis available to sign for them.  Courier packages are also much more likely to be subjected to greater customs scrutiny, delay, storage fees, etc.  US International Priority Mail is fast and provides several fixed-price boxes that do not have specific weight restrictions.  We check with our post office every day, so if you use the post office box address below, your package will be picked up immediately and delivered quickly and safely:

Elder (First Name and Last Name)
Korea Busan Mission
Dongnae PO Box 73
South Korea


Kenneth S. Barrow
Korea Busan Mission President

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