Monday, November 3, 2014

New life in Jinju!

SOOO Much has happened since last week. I feel like it has been a year since I wrote last! Thursday night I received a transfer call telling me that I would be leaving bangeojin and that I would be going to jinju! I would be over two areas. one has a branch of about 15 people in in at the other has a ward with about 50 people in it! My new companion is Sister Kang! She is Korean and this is now her 5 transfer so she is pretty young but I already love her so much! I am in for tor the adventure of a lifetime because she doesn't speak English very well but it only means I will learn Korean super fast right? She is seriously so sweet and kind<3 One thing I didn't think much about before I left to Korea was transfers. I didn't realize how hard it would be to leave these people that I have come to love so incredibly much. I have come to understand how we can show love and feel love despite a language barrier. Because it was my last week in bangeojin I wanted to work harder than I ever had to make sure I left feeling like my work there was done. We were able to meet Stacy again (the australian) and give her a BOM. She is so incredible. I had a couple "ahh teaching in English is so easy" moments.. but I got over it pretty quickly because I couldn't imagine serving anywhere besides Korea. I know someone needs to teach the Korean people the gospel and I know God trusts me enough. Stacy told us that she sees a light in us when we speak. Its a testimony to me that God is truly with us everywhere we go. <3 We also had the opportunity this last week to meet with a Filipino. Sister Bonney and I met him on the street a couple weeks ago. His native language is cebuano and he seemed interested in what we believe so we ordered him a cebuano book of mormon that we were able to give him before I left. I don't have this much time this week but know that I am living it up in the countryside of jinju with My incredible Korean companion sister Kang! I love you All so much!

That moment you realize you are in Korea when you are at the branch presidents house and you have live octupus in front of you on your plate. it's tentacles suck to your tongue...ew. haha. But sister Bonney said "If you chew it really fast it stops moving!" haha sooo funny. I LOVE KOREA<3

Sister Hurley

Korean kids from my first area.
A sister I got to know well in Bangeojin<3 love her soo much!
Note from Sister Kim's son

Bangeojin ward mission leader!
Sister Bakmiyeon. She helped so much with our recent convert Sister Kim <3
Korean Food! :)
I ate live octupus. yes. it was still moving when I put it in my mouth. It was actually not bad... haha.

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