Monday, October 12, 2015


Can I just start by saying that I absolutely love what I get to do everyday? Seriously how blessed I am that I can be serving as a disciple of Jesus Christ here in Korea. Missionary work is so difficult sometimes but I have been filled with so much joy as I serve the Lord. This week was full of so many miracles! Where do I even start?

Aya: So we have an investigator name OhJunghwa who works as an english teacher. And a few months ago as she was talking to another english teacher at work she mentioned that she was meeting the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and her co-worker said, "hey! I'm a member of that church, but I have been less-active for the past 7+ years since I moved to Korea" then our awesome investigator asked her if she would like to start meeting the missionaries and she said yes! Aya is from the Philippines and she moved to Korea about 7 years ago and married a korean and now has two young children. We have been trying to meet her for a while now but she has been so busy so we couldn't meet. But this last week we were finally able to meet! Can I just say that the moment I saw her I knew that she was someone that I needed to meet in this area? Aya has the most sweet and pure heart of anyone that I know. We were able to get to know here a little better and turns out that her mother and all her siblings are members but only 2 of her sibling are active members right now. The most incredible thing happened as we began to teach her about God's love for her. We taught her about living prophets and about general conference and how we can receive help for things that may be challenging in our lives. tears began to fill her eyes. She opened up and told us how ever since she moved to Korea, she has felt there is something missing in her heart. How our message brought so much hope to her and she feels that God is that thing that has been missing. She has felt so distanced from God for a long time and wants to change that. She has been attending a Presbyterian church with her mother in law a little bit but said that she doesn't ever feel anything at church so she doesn't like to go. She said that as we met she had felt happier than she has been in a long time. As we finished talking she asked us several times if we could bring her a BOM and Liahona and other things in english for her when we meet this coming week. She left all of her church materials in the Philippians. She wants to continuing meeting every week so she can learn of God and regain the testimony that she once had. a couple hours after our meeting she called to once again thank us for meeting her and bringing her the message that she needed. I can't express how extremely happy and blessed I feel to be able to meet this sweet child of God. I know that God prepared her to be able to meet us with a heart willing to accept the gospel again. I know without a doubt in my mind that as she accepts the gospel, her and her family will be blessed. she will find true joy and greater strength to resist temptation.

KimSuja: sister Kim is an older woman in our branch who has recently become less-active. This last week Sister Yang and I were able to meet her and share a message about general conference. We didn't set up an appointment but just stopped by and she welcomed us with so much love. She told us of some hard things that are happening in her life. As we shared our prepared message, tears filled her eyes. She expressed her gratitude for the missionaries. I know that it was revelation that we were supposed to meet her. I love lessons when you walk away feeling like you were able to really be a tool to help someone come closer to Christ. I felt so much love for her as we met.

We had the opportunity of meeting 2 people this last week who were past investigators. As we traveled to an area about 1 hour from the one we live in to meet one we ran into a man on the street who seemed to know us because he asked us what we were doing in Bonghwa(the name of the town) we told him that we were meeting an investigator and he said that he was a member of our church in the Andong branch! okay... I have been in this branch for the past 6 weeks and I have not once seen him so obviously he was a less-active! He seemed really happy to see us although he said recently he is building a farm so he hasn't had time for church. We have his number so hopefully we can try and meet him and his family sometime soon! Sister Yang and I both really felt that we were supposed to meet him. Maybe simple to remind him about God.

One of the old investigators we are meeting is named KimDahye. She is 18 years old (in Korea) She is like an incredible tennis player and is ranked in the top 6 best tennis players in Korea. How cool is that?? Her coach wants her to learn english because she travels to a lot of different countries for tennis tournaments. She has been busy with tennis for the past 2 months so she hasn't been able to meet but all of a sudden her coach called us and said she could meet again. We were so excited because her record shows that she had a lot of interest in the gospel. We were able to meet her and teach her english and share a message. She focused so well as we taught her. She is so sweet! We are excited to continue to work with her and build her faith in Christ. This week she will be headed to Sri-Lanka so her coach wants us to help her learn so phrases that she can say to reserve a hotel room. I love that as missionaries we can share the message of the gospel but that we can also look for opportunities around us to serve.

Also last night as we were sticker boarding and trying to give a Book of Mormon to literally everyone we saw, we met a really sweet lady named Kimhaybin. the moment I saw her I felt that she could be baptized. She talked to us about all the hard things that are going on in her life right now. she lives with her mother but it doesn't seem she receives a lot of love from her. We shared a message of hope and of God's loves with her and she was so grateful. We also gave her a Book of Mormon and she accepted it as so special. A few minutes after she left she texted us and thanked us for listening to her and expressed her excitement to meet again. How cool is that? As She was walking away one of the Elders who was with us said that he saw her in a white dress. He had know Idea that I had that same though but I feel like she will become a progressing investigator this week!

Seriously, Life is so happy:) Can I just say that I have the best job in the whole world? I am feeling so blessed to be able to be in the area I am with Sister Yang. I really feel as though Sister Yang and I will be lifetime friends. Together we are working so hard and being perfectly obedient. I know that this is why we have been able to see so many miracles in just the one short week that we have been together. We understand our purpose and are trying our best to fulfill that purpose.

Conference was amazing. If you haven't watched it. Do it. As I watched I felt recommitted to be a true disciple of Christ throughout my life. I know that the work I am doing here in Korea is God's work. It is true. I know it because the spirit testifies to me that is is true. I have leaned on God and His support throughout my mission and He has carried me when I didn't think I could go any further. I know that God loves me and you with a love that we can't comprehend. He wants us to turn to Him so he can shower out blessings upon us.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Sister Hurley<3

This is Aya!! The sweet less-active we are working with!

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