Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm never going to eat dog.

What a great week! I've been reading the New testament recently and I can't help but be so grateful for my loving Savior Jesus Christ. This last week was full of a lot of personal spiritual uplifting experiences for me. One of them included having an interview with our mission president. President Barrow shared D&C 6:14 with me which was the scripture I read in the temple while deciding to go on a mission. I really felt that he was so inspired to share it with me and I was able to feel God's love so strongly. 

Also Sister Yang and I got put in charge of teaching primary this last week! It was so fun! we thought of some fun activities and mormon messages to watch. It was a good experience.

A funny/disturbing experience that happened this week:

For those of you that don't know, in Korea, there is something that is called dog soup. yes. it's actually dog in a soup. A lot of missionaries try it just so they can say they have tried it because it's something that you can't get in america. So this last week as we were farming with our member we were talking about dog soup and Elder Long and I both said we wanted to try it before we went home. Well... God heard us say this because 10 minutes later we were walking back to our members house but we got a little lost because we were in the middle of nowhere and we happened to run into a dog farm. Let's just say... I decided right then and there I am NEVER am going to eat dog. ever. And I'm going to give max the biggest hug ever when I get home... because I saw things that I hope none of you will ever have to see in your life. Please don't ever eat dog! They are pets not food!

I have so much more I want to tell you all but I guess you'll have to wait till next week because I spent most of my time figuring out my schedule for BYU so sorry!!

I hope you have a great week! oh and happy halloween!!!

Sister Hurley<3

My District. Last Transfer <3

We are eating duck! My new favorite kind of meat. not kidding. sooo delicious!

​helping Sister Kim pack, I'm going with her!

The senior missionaries in our mission came to Andong so we took them to get the most
 delicious food in our area called jim darg. They absolutely loved it, and we did too:)

​our investigators daughter drew a picture of me. looks just like me right?

And this is a picture of the elders investigator Derrik who lives right next to us.
 I look so short in this picture:(
eating spicy octopus while on exchange with sister Stratton in Sangin.
 the elders in Sangin. Eating octopus is so normal for me now.
andong family:)

the primary kids that we help teach. the boy in front is an investigator.
Farming <3

​anyone want some rice?

The elders working super hard.
Happy Birthday Elder Long!

The beautiful leaves are changing color!

made these scary halloween party invitations for our
 branch Halloween party this week!:) Happy Halloween!!

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